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The Job Market for Plumbers in the United States

The plumbing profession is more than a blue-collar job, but plumbing is a career that pays reasonably well. However, professional training is needed for this trade as states have strict licensing requirements for plumbing contractors. Nevertheless, you will have an excellent opportunity for a career that will last the rest of your working life once […]

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Learn Plumbing at your Pace – Plumbing career at home!

Plumbing is dependent on several laws of nature – gravity and pressure. Water will move based on gravity and will go wherever it’s needed. This basic truth will help you in times of emergencies. You’d be able to do the minor repairs knowing that water will always go where gravity and pressure push it to […]

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How to Become a Better Plumber

So you have completed your required apprenticeship hours, completed a plumbing training program, and passed the exam to get a plumbing license. Congratulations! However, your training as a plumber has not ended. As with any skill, plumbers must grow their knowledge and training throughout their careers. Practices, codes, equipment, and materials are subject to changes […]

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Getting into the Plumbing Career

Have you wondered how to get into plumbing school? Well, you’re not alone. There are many like you who are asking the same question. The path to your plumbing career isn’t that difficult.  While this job isn’t as decorated as others, there are still many opportunities that are waiting for you when you consider it […]