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The Job Market for Plumbers in the United States

The plumbing profession is more than a blue-collar job, but plumbing is a career that pays reasonably well. However, professional training is needed for this trade as states have strict licensing requirements for plumbing contractors. Nevertheless, you will have an excellent opportunity for a career that will last the rest of your working life once accepted and approved in an apprenticeship program for plumbers. In the United States, there are 480 600 plumbers nowadays. Between 2016 and 2026, the job market for plumbers is expected to grow by 15.6%.

A Career in Plumbing is Lucrative

There is a shortage of skilled plumbers that is why the plumbing industry is a lucrative and long-lasting career for 15 more years. And this is a significant opportunity to take up the trade. Not only will you be able to find employment, but you will also have good long-term job security. Some people say that the job market for plumbers is favorable, and it will continue to grow. The job market for plumbers is more significant than that for other professions. The rate for all the jobs in the U.S is at 11%, but in the year 2012-2022, the expectation of job rates for plumbers is 21%, which’s about double the national average. Based on the rating, this career offers a good employment opportunity in the future.

Plumbers are in High-Demand

Becoming a plumber can be a lucrative choice. There are plenty of jobs available, but there is a high demand for people having qualifications in plumbing. Over one-half of America’s trade professionals are near retirement age, and 3% of the surveyed 18-25 years old would consider a career in the trade. Many industries require the services of trained plumbers. Therefore, the demand for skilled plumbing services is increasing. In the U.S, there is a shortage of plumbers that people have an opportunity for employment, especially in construction, building renovations, bathroom, and kitchen remodeling.

A highly qualified plumber that can work on any task like hot water repairs or drainage systems. Therefore in big cities, skilled plumbers are needed to keep the development moving forward. There may also be a shortage of plumbers since most of them are now retiring from the trade industry. These offer an opportunity for competent job seekers to fill these jobs. Such as building houses, schools, and businesses in all sectors, and these buildings will need skilled plumbers to do the hot water system repair, water drainage systems, piping for proper water surges, and sewerage systems.

Plumbing not only offers an excellent occupation but has a high earning potential for plumbers in the United States. The standard salary for a plumber in the United States is around 50-501 dollars a year.

Industries That In Demand In Job Market For Plumbers

Construction Industry

The construction industry is prospering in the city because of growth development. Construction businesses build houses, schools, malls, and other establishments which require a proper water system. And only the plumbers can build a watering system for these establishments to have a running water supply.

Small Business Industry

Small business owners don’t have this big capital but can afford regular maintenance to repair pipes, toilets, or taps. They will need the help of a skilled plumber to repair their water systems.

Real Estate Industry

When selling a house, there must be no damage to the property. You will look in the job market to do the plumbing services to repair the damages like water pipes or low water pressure. The plumbers must check for other damages which can affect the sale of the house. Repairing the damaged water system is essential so they can sell the property fast.

Restaurant Industry

Restaurants need hot water to sterilize their cutlery, plates, glasses, and other utensils. If these systems aren’t functioning correctly, they will need a plumber to assist them. Unfortunately, only professional plumbers can repair the damage.

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