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Plumbing Academy: Build Your Plumbing Career Online

Are you interested in the gas fitting and plumbing trade? Our online plumbing academy shows how you can get your plumbing certificate. The plumbing trade is among the oldest yet most interesting career paths available to tradesmen, and it’s always in demand. Unlike many other skilled trades, plumbers enjoy an excellent salary and professional satisfaction […]

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Cities With The Highest Plumber Salaries In The US

Do you want to know the cities that can help you make more money as a plumber? If you’re a plumber, there’s good news – you can make a good living in many cities across the US. In general, larger metropolitan areas tend to have higher salaries for plumbers than smaller cities or towns. And […]

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The Job Market for Plumbers in the United States

The plumbing profession is more than a blue-collar job, but plumbing is a career that pays reasonably well. However, professional training is needed for this trade as states have strict licensing requirements for plumbing contractors. Nevertheless, you will have an excellent opportunity for a career that will last the rest of your working life once […]

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How Long Will It Take Before I Become a Master Plumber

It’s as good a time as any to become a master plumber today. It’s a $105 billion plumbing industry just waiting for you to get your skills in the game. While our master plumbers aren’t doctors, they still do save lives, which is just one of the many reasons this trade is a gold mine. […]

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Can I Learn Plumbing at My Own Pace?

Yes! You can learn plumbing on your own. Understanding plumbing terms and plumbing symbols is important in learning to plumb.  You’ll find plumbing diagrams and drawings online for free.  Using plumbing symbols to design your plumbing system is basic math.   You can also learn plumbing by trial-and-error if you have someone trained to help […]

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How to Get Your Plumbing License?

So you’ve chosen to be a plumber. It’s a great career choice. Plumbing is a big deal, and plumbers are essential in the construction industry. That is why the career is highly regulated, and you need a license to qualify you to work in this space. Plumbing is one of the most heavily regulated occupations […]

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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Plumber in 2021?

Whether you need to get new plumbing installed in your building, or you want to repair a damaged plumbing fixture, one primary consideration you make is the cost. Therefore, you want to know the total cost of hiring a plumber — his flat hourly rate and the cost of any purchases he will make for […]