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Cities With The Highest Plumber Salaries In The US

Do you want to know the cities that can help you make more money as a plumber? If you’re a plumber, there’s good news – you can make a good living in many cities across the US. In general, larger metropolitan areas tend to have higher salaries for plumbers than smaller cities or towns. And while the cost of living may be higher in some of these cities, the potential to earn a high salary makes it worth the cost.

Salaries can vary between $20 and $36 per hour depending on where you’re working, what type of plumbing work you specialize in, and how much experience you have. There are plumber apprenticeships available that award certifications to qualified workers. So, if you’re looking for a career with high earning potential, consider becoming a plumber. With the right skills and experience, you can make a good living in one of America’s most prosperous cities.

Best-paying US Cities For Plumbers

Becoming a plumber is one of the few careers that continues to offer high salaries regardless of whether or not there’s an economic downturn. According to, plumbers earn approximately $23 per hour and $47,600 annually based on hourly rates reported by professionals.

Salaries vary greatly depending on geographic location, which is important, especially if you’re starting your career and have student loans to pay off. Fortunately, “Forbes” has listed the top 20 cities with the highest salaries for plumbers.

Without further ado, here are the cities that have a huge demand for plumbers (cities with the highest plumbing salaries):

Gary, IN

Gary, IN, also known as the birthplace of renowned actor /singer Michael Jackson, secures a top spot as one of the US cities with the highest plumber salaries. On average, plumbers in Gary get paid about $77,120 annually. Plus, the city has a high demand for plumbers and is an affordable place to live.

Beaumont, TX

Situated in the larger Beaumont-Port Arthur metropolitan region, Beaumont has a high demand for plumbers owing to the discovery of huge oil fields in the US. Plumbers earn about $58000 annually, which is a bit higher than in other cities in the US.

Baltimore, MD

There are many reasons that Baltimore is a great city for plumbers. The first reason is that there is a lot of work available. Plumbers are in high demand in Baltimore, as many older homes need repairs and new construction projects are always underway. Plumbers can find plenty of work in Baltimore to keep them busy. As of the latest records, an average plumber in Baltimore earns over $57000 annually.

Finally, Baltimore is a great city for plumbers because the cost of living is relatively low, and plumbers can make a good income without paying high rent or mortgage payments. In addition, the cost of living in Baltimore will not likely increase much in the future, making it a stable place to live and work.

Denver, CO

Denver is a city with high plumbing salaries. According to Indeed, the average salary for a plumber in Denver is $75,000, much higher than the national average of $50,000.

There are several reasons for this. First, Denver is a growing city, and the population has been increasing rapidly in recent years, putting a strain on local infrastructure. The need for plumbers, therefore, increases annually.

At the same time, Denver is having difficulty attracting plumbers because of its violent crime rate. Plumbers are reluctant to go where they feel unsafe.  

Tampa, FL

Did you know that Tampa is one of the cities in the US with the highest salaries for plumbers? In fact, according to recent studies, Tampa plumbers make an average of $50.81 per hour. There are several reasons for this high salary, but the most important one is simply a great demand for plumbing services in Tampa.

Tampa is a rapidly growing city, and with that growth comes a corresponding increase in the need for plumbing services. Plumbers are needed to install new pipes and fixtures, fix leaks and clogs, and perform other repairs and maintenance tasks.

How Can You Increase Your Plumber Salary In The US?

Becoming a plumber requires extensive training and certification. However, there are several other methods you can use to earn more money as a plumber:

1) Join or form an association – Joining an industry association can be beneficial for many reasons, including networking opportunities with business owners and other professionals in your field, continuing education and training resources, and discounts on products and services.


2) Get a contractor’s license – Plumbers can work as general contractors in many states after passing an exam and meeting other licensing requirements. This can allow you to offer additional services such as electrical or HVAC work.

3) Specialize – Become a specialist in one area of plumbing, such as trenchless sewer repair or water treatment. This can make you more marketable and increase your earning potential.


4) Start your own business – For the entrepreneurial-minded plumber, starting your own plumbing business can be a great option. This allows you to set your rates, choose your clients, and have more control over your work schedule

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