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How to Become a Better Plumber

So you have completed your required apprenticeship hours, completed a plumbing training program, and passed the exam to get a plumbing license. Congratulations! However, your training as a plumber has not ended. As with any skill, plumbers must grow their knowledge and training throughout their careers. Practices, codes, equipment, and materials are subject to changes over time. As these aspects of the trade change, plumbers need to update their training accordingly. Failure to keep up with these changes can lead to costly mistakes and lost opportunities to earn jobs.


In order to improve their training, plumbers should periodically seek out professional training from a trade school or other reputable source. However, there are costs for expanding and updating your plumbing training. For one, attending traditional brick-and-mortar classes will typically force plumbers to take time off work and travel to a location for classes. These courses usually come with high tuition as well. Plumbers who want to attend traditional trade schools need to consider these costs and how they will affect them.


Another way plumbers can continually improve their skills and stay up-to-date on plumbing methods is by researching the latest codes. The International Plumbing Code (IPC) and Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC), two of the most widely-used codes in plumbing, are both available in PDF form online, and physical codes can be purchased as well. By staying updated on codes, plumbers remain relevant and maintain a high value as professionals.  


Improve Your Skills with Alpha Tradesmen Academy

At Alpha Tradesmen Academy, our online courses are specially designed to train students with any level of experience. Just as novice plumbers can learn the basics through our program, more seasoned plumbers can equally benefit from our up-to-date, professional training. For one, our plumbing program contains updated training on state-of-the-art equipment, such as tankless water heaters, the latest in leak detection, and much more.


Alpha Tradesmen Academy can also help experienced plumbers fine-tune their knowledge of the fundamentals of the trade and break any incorrect habits they may have formed over the years. Our individual courses make sure to cover the basic theory behind each subject, which allows our students to gain a better understanding of not only what to do, but why it should be done in that way. In many cases, plumbers will work for years without adequately understanding the science behind their practices. A solid grasp of the science and theory of plumbing increases plumbers’ abilities to diagnose and solve problems when working in the field. With Alpha Tradesmen Academy’s online-based plumbing training, students of any background can find the training they need to improve their knowledge and skills in the plumbing trade.


More experienced students will also benefit from our program by becoming more familiar with the latest codes and regulations regarding plumbing systems. Our online lessons feature instruction based on the latest editions of the IPC and UPC codes, ensuring that our training is as up-to-date as possible. Alpha Tradesmen Academy also educates students on the most recent environmental laws and regulations. The next generation of plumbing technicians needs to be aware of these laws as concerns over clean water and soil, among other environmental issues, grow more important than ever before.


It has been said that one is “never too old to learn,” and the same rings true for plumbers. As we have discussed, plumbing is an ever-changing industry, and plumbers need to hone and update their skills in order to ensure clients receive quality work. When plumbers learn to work with the latest in equipment, fixtures, and methods, they increase their overall value as a professional tradesperson. Knowing the latest codes and regulations also helps plumbers ensure their work is safe for themselves, their clients, the public, and the environment as well.


While periodic leaves from work to attend traditional trade schools can come with lost income, travel expenses, and high tuition, Alpha Tradesmen Academy offers an online plumbing course that utilizes the latest in plumbing training. With our program, even the most experienced plumbing students can gain knowledge on the theory behind procedures, correct any misinformation they may have previously received, and train on the latest codes, methods, and equipment in the trade.

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