Why Can’t I Learn Plumbing on My Own?

In this day and age, online resources like YouTube offer a never-ending amount of content that can be accessed by virtually anyone. Many prospective plumbers may think they can simply search for videos that discuss any plumbing information they need. While there are well-made videos out there, professional technicians should not rely on these videos for information. One reason these videos should be avoided is the fact that they can be created and uploaded by anyone. The information in these videos is often low quality and may violate codes that protect the equipment and promote safety. Failure to follow proper procedures can cause severe damage or even life-threatening accidents.

How ATA Makes a Difference

It is vital for any plumbing student to receive their training from a credible source. Alpha Tradesmen Academy’s plumbing program features instruction from experienced professionals, such as lead instructor Robert Keith. Robert received his plumbing training from the United States Air Force and has over three decades of experience as a technician and business owner. The content of each lesson comes from Robert’s professional knowledge and research to ensure Alpha Tradesmen Academy’s students are adequately trained.

Robert provides an example from his own experience on the importance of proper training. During a meeting, Robert gave all of the technicians a sheet of paper with the numbers 1-100 on it. The numbers were completely out of order, and Robert asked the technicians to circle each number in order within a given time limit. Most of the technicians struggled to even reach the number 40. Afterward, Robert demonstrated that the numbers 1-25 were in the top left section of the page, 26-50 were in the top right section, 51-75 were in the bottom left section, and 76-100 were in the remaining section. After only a minute of training, the technicians fared much better when performing the task again.

Business owners also face many risks from using self-taught plumbers. If a poorly installed piece of equipment malfunctions and causes damage, the client could blame the business, demand a refund, and will be unlikely to use the company’s services in the future. By enrolling their employees in Alpha Tradesmen Academy, business owners can be assured that their technicians have access to reliable, up-to-date training. Even more experienced plumbers can benefit from our online training since it provides updated information. The training can also correct any bad habits that they may have formed over time.

In Conclusion

While the internet age has given people access to almost any information they may need, many of the sources are unreliable. Professional plumbing technicians need more adequate training than YouTube videos that can be uploaded by anyone, regardless of their actual experience. Quality training is essential for anyone entering the trade, and Alpha Tradesmen Academy is an excellent tool for technicians and business owners alike. Plumbers of any experience level can gain knowledge from ATA’s video lessons, while business owners can rest assured their technicians receive professional training from a reliable source.

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