Learn Plumbing Part-Time at Home

As with the majority of other professions, many people enter the plumbing trade in order to support their families. However, it is common for plumbing technicians to leave their families and homes for days, even weeks, to receive off-site training. Even if the training, room and board, and other amenities are being paid for by the company, this can still place a burden on technicians, their employers, and their families. For one, the travel itself can be a hassle. Vehicles can break down, and rental cars are not always provided. Hotels and other lodging can cause more issues, such as poor internet reception and subpar living conditions. Technicians also may have to miss important events at home or have to return quickly in case of a family emergency. Even worse, employees are often paid the bare minimum when they are at these trainings if they are paid at all. Some employees may have to use their vacation days attending seminars instead of relaxing with their loved ones.

As these hassles build up, it becomes hard for some employees to see the value in these trainings. When these technicians fail to recognize the importance of the training, they tend to not absorb the lessons as well as they should. Now these technicians not only fall behind, they negatively affect their employers as well. Business owners suffer many drawbacks from off-site training as well. The payment for lodging, transportation, the training itself, and more are more often coming from the company’s funds. Employers further lose money by having less employees to perform jobs. Sometimes, employees even have to be called back in order to perform emergency service. Sending employees back from training like this can be a huge expense, since all the costs of the off-site training have now been spent and may not be refundable.

Affordable, High Quality Training at Home

With Alpha Tradesmen Academy’s online training program, technicians and business owners alike are spared from the rigors of off-site training. Since Alpha Tradesmen Academy’s video lessons, quizzes, and exams are accessible 24/7, technicians can receive specialized plumbing training from the comfort of their own homes. There are no lectures or off-site classes that students must attend. The online courses are designed to work alongside real-world experience in the field, so our students can keep working while furthering their plumbing training. Business owners can maintain and grow their workforce while they receive training on their own time. Employees can even rewatch videos to brush up on any areas where they may be unfamiliar. That cannot be done with most off-site trainings.

In short, Alpha Tradesmen Academy can replace many off-site training sessions with convenient, online video lessons taught by experienced professional plumbers. These lessons, as well as the quizzes and tests, can be accessed anytime from smartphones, computers, tablets, or other similar devices. Technicians of all experience levels, as well as business owners, can benefit from the online training program that puts a wealth of trade information at students’ fingertips.

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