Solving the American Plumber Shortage

Despite a growing demand for qualified plumbers in the United States, the plumbing industry is currently facing a crisis. The reasons for this situation are numerous. For one, the older generation of plumbers is beginning to retire. As these experienced plumbers leave the industry, fewer qualified technicians are willing and available to fill the vacant positions. Many studies connect this trend to the education system’s and culture’s recent emphasis on pursuing college after high school as opposed to attending a trade school. Culture has attached an unfair stigma against plumbing and other trade jobs as “less than” careers where a college degree is needed.

Often, those that do want to become plumbing technicians lack the qualifications and training needed to appropriately perform the jobs that retiring plumbers fill. One reason for this is the difficulties many face trying to attend plumbing schools or take online training. Traditional courses in physical schools are often costly and require students to sacrifice time, money, and energy to receive training. Many students find it challenging to handle attending classes while also working as an apprentice and fulfilling other duties, such as with family. Many plumbing technicians are currently working, but are improperly trained. Incorrect methods can lead to dissatisfied clients, equipment failure, property damage, or even health and safety problems.

Curing the Shortage with Alpha Tradesmen Academy

Alpha Tradesmen Academy was founded to combat the plumbing crisis in the United States. Founded by the owner of a plumbing company, Alpha Tradesmen Academy strives to offer the most professional and updated training for aspiring tradespeople of all experience levels. Novice students can be properly introduced to plumbing topics, while more seasoned students can receive professional training that can correct any incorrect or less professional methods or ideas they may have learned from other places.

Likewise, Alpha Tradesmen Academy is designed to help students who may struggle with making time to attend plumbing classes. Our online program gives students access to our video lessons, as well as quizzes, exams, and other materials 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so that students can train on their own time. Alpha Tradesmen Academy courses work along with real-world experience that students earn while working as apprentices. This system allows students to make more money as apprentices while still pursuing their technical education.

How Business Owners Benefit from Alpha Tradesmen Academy

Students are not the only ones who can use Alpha Tradesmen Academy’s program to their advantage. Owners of plumbing businesses can enroll their technicians and apprentices in our program to ensure all their employees receive high-quality, professional training. Since students can train on their own time and at their own pace, Alpha Tradesmen Academy can double the number of workers available to take calls in as little as six months. Another benefit of our program is that our badge system allows employers to quickly know in what areas a technician has received training before calling them to perform a job.


In conclusion, the plumbing trade in America is facing an employment crisis as demand for plumbers continues to rise. Alpha Tradesmen Academy seeks to bridge this gap by streamlining the training process for the benefit of aspiring plumbers and their employers alike. Consider enlisting the help of Alpha Tradesmen Academy today to build the next generation of certified plumbing service technicians.

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