How to Get Your Journeyman Plumber’s License

 In most places, a journeyman plumber’s license signifies that a plumbing technician has completed a four-year program in a trade school or community college. Depending on the state or other local codes, aspiring plumbers will usually need to serve a given number of hours in the field and pass an exam, along with completing a four-year course, an apprenticeship program, or both. In this article, we will be discussing the ins and outs of receiving a journeyman plumber’s license. Make sure to check with your state or local agencies to learn about the requirements in your area.

Joining an apprenticeship program is the first step required in most areas. As an apprentice, students will gain first-hand experience in the field assisting with jobs. Hands-on experience is crucial to becoming a knowledgeable plumber, and students will also be able to learn from working side-by-side with more seasoned technicians. Many plumbing companies offer apprenticeship programs, which typically provide a steady income for apprentices while they pursue their journeyman or other plumbing licenses. Apprentices will typically need to work a required number of hours to apply for a journeyman plumber’s license. Usually, the apprentices’ supervisors will need to sign off to prove the number of hours the apprentices have worked.

Another essential part of earning a journeyman plumber’s license is passing the required exam. The testing agency will vary from state to state. Anyone wanting to take the exam will need to schedule in advance online and pay a fee to take the exam. Most of the time, apprentices will need to take the exam at an approved testing facility. The questions on the exam will focus on knowledge of local codes and other areas of the plumbing trade. Many testing agencies offer practice tests and study guides online to assist with preparing for the exam.

How Alpha Tradesmen Academy Can Help

Plumbing apprentices who are enrolled in Alpha Tradesmen Academy can receive additional help in earning their journeyman plumber’s license. ATA offers online training on a wide range of aspects within plumbing. Students of Alpha Tradesmen Academy will have access to video lessons taught by experienced professionals, as well as online quizzes and exams, to further their plumbing training while serving as apprentices. Students will also be able to benefit from our task sheets and badge system, which keep track of the experience they have gained as apprentices.

In Conclusion

After receiving their journeyman plumber’s license, plumbers are cleared to perform virtually any plumbing service on their own. As previously noted, the requirements will vary depending on the state or local laws. Applicants are encouraged to check the regulations in their area. Generally speaking, applicants will need to have completed an intensive training program, served time as a plumbing apprentice, and pass a comprehensive exam to earn the license. Alpha Tradesmen Academy will be there to help students make the most of their apprenticeship by providing helpful online training that works hand-in-hand with real-world experience.

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