Can a Felon Get a Plumbing License?

Everyone can make mistakes. Some mistakes are more severe than others and can lead people to undesirable situations in life, such as felony convictions. A major part of rehabilitation for felons is finding a steady, meaningful job. With a career, felons can acquire the necessary money as well as the personal discipline to get their lives back on track. Entering a trade, such as plumbing, is an excellent way to find such work.

Depending on a variety of factors, including the state and the nature of the felony, there may be processes felons can take to receive plumbing licenses. Those who have convictions for crimes such as theft, fraud, or other financially-based crimes may have difficulty obtaining a plumbing license. Those who are still on probation or parole may also have trouble or may be fully disqualified from receiving a plumbing license. Many state boards consider the length of time that has passed since someone has been convicted or has been released from prison when a felon attempts to pursue a plumbing license. People who wish to obtain a plumbing license with a felony conviction are encouraged to study the laws and regulations that apply to their home state or area.

Many state and local agencies have also been created to assist those with felonies on their records with entering trade programs. Those interested should research online to see which of these organizations are in their area.

How Alpha Tradesmen Academy Can Set You Free

For felons who reside in states where it is possible, Alpha Tradesmen Academy can help them earn their certification to become licensed, professional plumbers. Our program is based online, so there are no classes to attend. Online learning also means that students can work on their own time while pursuing an apprenticeship and gaining real, first-hand experience as a plumbing technician. Alpha Tradesmen Academy’s resources and materials such as video lessons, quizzes, exams, and more can be accessed 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Students can train using devices like smartphones, computers, or tablets for added convenience.

Alpha Tradesmen Academy’s courses are designed for all experience levels. Even complete beginners can utilize our program to become plumbing technicians. Students with more experience can brush up on the basics, get updated training, and correct any procedures they may be performing incorrectly with our program as well.


The inability to find meaningful careers after release is one of the significant reasons felons become repeat offenders. In states and situations where felons are permitted to pursue plumbing licenses, Alpha Tradesmen Academy offers an excellent, efficient way for students with any level of experience to become a professional plumbing technician. Consult the laws in your home state to see if Alpha Tradesmen Academy can help you or someone you know break the cycle in which many felons find themselves. Visit us at to find out more about how we can help anyone pursue their technical education.

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