How to Get Into Plumbing with No Experience

So you’re looking to enter the plumbing trade, but do not know where to start. Many may think someone needs some background in plumbing to begin a plumbing career, but this is not necessarily true. Every plumbing technician must begin somewhere. There are many technical schools and community colleges that offer courses for those who want to become plumbers. Many students choose to pursue their plumbing certification online. Online plumbing courses are often less expensive than traditional trade school programs. They also allow more flexibility for students with busy schedules and other commitments, such as with work or family.

Of course, only so much can be learned from classes. Hands-on experience is crucial in becoming a licensed plumber. Most states require aspiring plumbers to complete a given number of hours in the field to receive a plumbing license. The number of hours varies from state to state. Students should research their state’s regulations to learn how many hours of work are necessary. Many plumbing businesses hire apprentices to work alongside experienced plumbers, which is how the majority of students earn their hours. By working real-world plumbing calls with experienced, professional technicians, plumbing students can gain a wealth of crucial knowledge.

Growing as a Plumber

Along with the education and work requirements, most states also require apprentices to pass a final exam to prove their knowledge and experience of the plumbing field. Once a technician has received their journeyman plumbing license, they need to continue to further their training. The additional training is required in order to renew licenses as well as ensure that journeyman plumbers become as knowledgeable as possible. After a few years as a journeyman plumber, technicians can seek certification to become master plumbers to fill supervisor positions and perform special duties like designing plumbing systems. Again, the exact number of years needed varies depending on the state of residence.

Plumbing Training for All Experience Levels

The lessons in Alpha Tradesmen Academy’s plumbing courses are designed for the benefit of students with any level of experience, including complete beginners. Our Certified Service Technician badge introduces students to the basics of the plumbing trade. Lessons in this course cover a variety of topics, including theory, history, tools, piping, and even an introduction to electrical work. Once students pass the Certified Service Technician course, they can expand their training and skill set with our additional badges, which cover more specialized subjects like inspections, leak source diagnostic, drain cleaning, and more.

Since our video lessons and other course materials are available online, students can access them anytime from their smartphones, computers, tablets, or other devices. This method allows them to train on their own time and at their own pace. They can easily work as apprentices full time while training with Alpha Tradesmen Academy on nights or weekends. In conclusion, the plumbing trade takes a great deal of skill and training to enter. However, it is possible to pursue a plumbing career with little or no prior experience, and Alpha Tradesmen Academy is there to help students every step of the way.

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