How Long is Plumbing School Good For?

Plumbing is ever-changing in nature as technology, codes, and practices change over time. Similarly, plumbing licenses and certifications can expire after a given period depending on the state. When these licenses expire, it is essential for plumbing technicians to get them renewed, not only to keep their business legal but to ensure their work and training are up-to-date as well. Another way to make sure a technician’s training is in line with the latest codes and technology is to continue enrolling in training courses, even after the plumber has been appropriately certified. As the saying goes, “you’re never too old to learn.”

Depending on state laws (make sure to check the regulations in your area), many technicians may have to attend new classes to renew their plumbing licenses. Even if the additional training needed is briefer and less expensive than a full term at a trade school, it is still a harsh interruption of a technician’s professional and personal life. Another factor to consider is the compounded cost of repeated trainings over time, especially as tuition at trade schools continues to rise. However, the cost of receiving no updated training may be even higher. If a plumbing technician falls too far behind on codes, technology, and practices, they can lose business to companies with more up-to-date technicians. Training and knowledge can make all the difference between being able to keep loyal clients or losing their business forever. Simply put, if plumbers lack training (or even appear undertrained), clients are not going to be satisfied with their work and are unlikely to recommend the company’s services. In a competitive market like the home services business, a good reputation is vital to making a company thrive.

Updated Training with Alpha Tradesmen Academy

Alpha Tradesmen Academy strives to provide updated training on the latest equipment, methods, and codes in all of its courses. Plumbers will receive lessons using the latest plumbing equipment, such as state-of-the-art leak detection equipment, and tankless water heater units. Our instructors will inform students of up-to-date codes and regulations regarding issues like safety and environmental concerns. Alpha Tradesmen Academy designs its courses for students with all levels of experience as well. Even the most seasoned plumbing technicians need to be refreshed on the finer points of some subjects and trained in the most up-to-date methods, codes, and equipment.

Alpha Tradesmen Academy is also dedicated to providing the greatest possible value for an online training program. Enrolling in our program grants users 12 months of access to our online training. The program is designed to work alongside hands-on training in the field, so students can still work while training to gain valuable, first-hand experience. Since students can access our online lessons 24 hours a day, seven days a week, they can watch lessons and take quizzes and tests on their own time and at their own pace. Students can also use the video lessons to use for reference before performing difficult or unfamiliar jobs. All in all, Alpha Tradesmen Academy is a helpful tool for plumbers and businesses to make sure their training stays updated on the latest in the trade.

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