How Great Roofing Website Design Can Increase Traffic & Leads for Your Business

Your roofing website can be a powerful lead generation tool when used appropriately. With proper implementation, design, and planning, your roofing website can boost traffic, present measurable, affordable marketing opportunities, and build a strong client base.

But how can a professional roofing website design further help your business?

If your customers are given 20 minutes to consume content, over 60% of clients would like to see a beautifully designed site as opposed to a simple and plain site.

Your roofing website design is a crucial part of your overall online marketing strategy. It can either make or break your roofing business.

Without further ado…

Here are the top 6 reasons why web design is crucial for your roofing business.

Reason 1) A Great Roofing Website Design Sets a Good First Impression to Your Prospects

The first impression you make on your prospects can get them glued to your page and strive to know more about your business or click off your page and go to a competitor’s website.

If your roofing website looks outdated or unappealing, your prospects will have a negative first impression of your business.

Thus, you will miss out on the lead to your competitors because of your poorly-designed roofing website.

Roofing website design is vital since it impacts how your prospects perceive your business. It can make them stay on your page or leave to your competitor’s website. A great roofing website will keep your leads glued to your page.

Reason 2) A Good Roofing Website Design Improves Search Visibility

Many web design practices and elements affect how you publish content on your roofing website, which in turn influences how search engine spiders index and crawl your site.

You need to get on-page SEO fundamentals right if you want to keep your site visibility high from the beginning.

Besides, various web design elements can affect your SEO. Therefore, you need to make your design code to be SEO-friendly. The best way to ensure that your roofing site follows proper design practices is to hire a reputable web design agency like Blackstorm Roofing Marketing.

Reason 3) A Great Roofing Website Design Reduces Bounce Rate

If your roofing website is beautifully-designed and contains informative content, your prospects will remain engaged on every page they visit. This will discourage immediate exits by enhancing the user’s experience, thus decreasing the bounce rate.

Reason 4) A Good Roofing Website Design Builds Trust with Your Prospects/ Clients

People no longer trust outdated websites. If they see that your site is poorly-designed, they will leave to search for your competitors.

Think about a client looking for roof replacement services. They are going to spend thousands of dollars, which implies if your roofing website does not convey trust, he will look for another roofer online to offer the same services.

On the flip side, a professional roofing website design builds trust with your prospects/clients. Your roofing website must convey confidence so that your audience will remain glued on your site.

Reason 5) A Professional Roofing Website Design Gives your Business Competitive Advantage

If you want to know why an excellent roofing web design is crucial, listen; other roofers in your vicinity are getting more leads by utilizing proper web design practices!

If you want your business to remain relevant and competitive, hire a web design agency to build an excellent roofing website for your business.

A professional roofing website design will help your business stand out from the crowd. If your roofing business has an old, poorly-designed, and low-quality site, your rivals will outrank you.

Your roofing website design gives your business a chance to stand above the competition. A properly-designed roofing website gives your prospects enough reasons why they should prefer your business over the competition.

Reason 6) Properly-designed Roofing Websites Helps to Develop Your Brand

When you want to obtain new leads, you must first develop your brand. You want your prospects to familiarize themselves with your brand before they are ready to convert. A well-designed site serves as an anchor between your roofing brand and its services.

In our modern digital world, a well-designed roofing website reflects the trustworthiness, reliability, and credibility of your business. Most prospects/ clients will find your roofing service via Google search queries and make decisions based on the design of your site.

Impressing your prospects initially doesn’t warrant conversions, but it helps to complete a critical step in the conversion process. After visiting your roofing website, many clients will research your credibility on FacebookYelp, and Google My Business Reviews.

Why Choose Blackstorm Roofing Marketing for Professional Roofing Website Design Services

If you want to generate more leads for your roofing business, we can help you out! Our agency has a wealth of experience building high-quality lead generation roofing websites. Here is what makes us stand out from other web design agencies:

  • Our web design team focuses on central elements like usability, navigation, visual appeal, and consistency.
  • We develop customized web design solutions specific to your roofing website. We take the time to know more about your services or products you offer in the market.
  • We excel in Mobile-Optimized Roofing Website Designs. Our team will ensure that your website loads faster across all mobile devices. This will boost your search rankings and ultimately increase conversion rates.

We hope the reasons mentioned above why an excellent roofing website design is crucial for your business will help you take the necessary action steps to get more roofing leads and conversions. If you need high-quality roofing website design services, then contact us for a free strategy session today!


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