What is Plumbing School Like?

Anyone looking to become a professional plumbing technician should receive training. The oldest and most well-known method for training plumbing students is in traditional, brick-and-mortar trade schools. Plumbing programs in traditional trade schools can last as brief as a few days or as long as four years or more. Enrollment is often very expensive, especially in the more extensive programs. Financial aid is available through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as well as through a variety of private scholarships. However, these grants and scholarships are not guaranteed, nor do they often cover the total cost of training. Aspiring plumbers may take out student loans, but these loans must be repaid and should be carefully considered. Many people struggle with student loan debt for years after graduating.

Prospective trade school students also need to make enough room in their schedule to attend courses and work the hours required. It is often hard for students to support themselves while attending a trade school since tuition is costly, and they have less time to go to work and earn wages. Some businesses offer paid apprenticeships for those learning the trade, but apprentices still need to be accepted. The cost of commuting to and from the site of the school is another added expense that may be overlooked. The price of gasoline rises and falls throughout the year, and in many places can exceed $4 or $5 per gallon. Many students have to drive hours away to attend classes in brick-and-mortar trade school facilities. Many of these classes take place at night, so students may have to commute there, already tired from their day at work.

         Train Anytime, Anywhere with Alpha Tradesmen Academy

With so many obstacles facing those who wish to pursue plumbing training, many are driven away by the barriers they face, like the lack of time, money, or even both. Alpha Tradesmen Academy sets out to cure these issues with our innovative, online learning program. With Alpha Tradesmen Academy, students do not need to come to a specific location to attend classes or take exams. Our website contains video lessons, exams, and other resources. Students can access the site anywhere with a computer, smartphone, tablet, or other devices. Since the site is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, students can train in their free time from the comfort of home.

Our program is specially crafted to work alongside hands-on experience that can be gained by performing work in the field. This method also allows students to earn income while training. The added time for work and the lower overall cost of tuition make Alpha Tradesmen Academy much more budget-friendly than enrolling in traditional trade schools. Students of any experience level can quickly create an account and begin receiving up-to-date, high-quality plumbing training. Anyone who is looking to enter the plumbing trade, but is struggling to find the time, money, and other resources to attend a brick-and-mortar trade school should consider enrolling at Alpha Tradesmen Academy.

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