Why Install a Single-ply TPO Membrane on Your Home?

Thermoplastic Polyolefin or TPO is a specially made membrane for low sloping roofs. It is UV resistant, economical, and energy-efficient. It is also resistant to mold and dirt accumulation, resists tears, and punctures and has heat reflecting properties. This means that less energy is required for cooling costs. This type of roofing is perfect for lanais and Florida homes. 

TPO Roofing Installation Methods 

Thermoplastic Polyolefin is lightweight and easy to install. It requires less labor, which can be perfect for those on a budget. TPO roofing can be installed over existing metal roofs and other types of existing sub-roofing.  Pair this with insulation for additional added energy efficiency. Tapered insulation can be used to increase pitch and waterfall also. 

TPO Roofing can be installed in two different methods: 

  • Mechanically attached   

The roof is attached to the substrate using a special screw-type fastener and a metal plate. 

The membrane is glued to the substrate using a special adhesive that is strong enough to create a chemical bond with the TPO.

To waterproof the seams, they are hot-air welded together to form a very strong watertight seal making it resistant to water damages and more.  

TPO roofing has been around since the ’90s and is widely used in commercial applications. This roofing material has a 20-year manufacturer’s limited warranty, close to a shingle roofing lifespan.  A “25 year shingle” will last approximately 15-20 years here in SW Florida.  Installing a single-ply TPO membrane is especially beneficial for Florida homes, because of our high exposure to UV rays. Unlike a double-ply peel and stick modified roofing system, a single-ply TPO membrane does not need to be replaced in 10-12 years because it lasts longer than that. 

Benefits of Installing a Single-ply TPO Membrane

The white membrane helps maximize the facility’s utility efficiency, reducing energy costs by reflecting the sun’s heat and UV rays. This is, by far, one of the main reasons that homeowners love TPO roofing. They sometimes refer to it as “cool roofs” because it literally helps maintain a cool interior environment. 

  • Minimal Maintenance Required

It requires minimal maintenance, but of course, you still have to consult with your roofing professionals regarding this aspect, because all roofing systems require different routines and inspections. Should you notice any signs of leaks or membrane damages, immediately report this to your trusted roofing specialist. 

TPO single-ply roof systems can easily be installed compared to other roofing systems. It is also more cost-effective than other types of roofing materials, because the installation requires less labor. 

TPO single-ply roofing systems are strong and flexible to all locations, as well as those areas where roof systems experience extreme winds and must meet strict wind uplift codes.  

This roofing material is 100% recyclable, which is also one of the TPO membrane’s biggest advantages. The scrap during its production process is reused and turned into a completely usable finished product, thus, nothing is wasted. 

Do Not Neglect Proper Installation and Maintenance

Whether you choose a TPO roofing system or not, it is important to note that proper installation and regular maintenance (including regular inspections) are needed. You can always communicate with your trusted roofing contractor to help you with the entire process. 

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