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The latest Martindale Electric Socket Testers for Industrial Troubleshooting

The latest Martindale Electric Socket Testers for Industrial TroubleshootingThe latest Martindale Electric Socket Testers for Industrial Troubleshooting

Martindale Electric’s latest range of industrial socket testers, known as the ‘CP Series’ are designed to provide a quick and reliable way of confirming 16 and 32 Amp sockets are wired correctly.

Featuring three brightly illuminated LEDs and an on-tester lookup chart, the CP series ensures fast and simple fault diagnosis, enhancing safety and efficiency in industrial and commercial settings.

Socket outlet testers, commonly the first line of defence when working with or around electricity, are used by electricians and contractors for basic tests on standard 13 Amp outlets. As the demands on electrical safety increase, particularly in industrial environments, the need for specialised tools like the CP Series has become more critical. These testers are invaluable for identifying unsafe installations and wiring faults, especially before the installation of new plant and equipment.

For 230V applications, the CP201, part of the CP series, is fitted with a 16A plug that conforms to BS 4343/ IEC309 standards. Capable of identifying 28 different fault conditions, the CP201 provides immediate wiring fault detection through its intuitive LED system, where the pattern of lit LEDs indicates the specific fault type.

For industrial installations with 100V centre tapped circuits, the CP301 is fitted with a 110V 16A plug and employs three bright LEDs to offer clear and fail-safe fault indications, including Line 1, Line 2 and centre tap faults, plus Line 1 or 2 centre tap reversal. Both the CP201 and CP301 are available in 32A versions.

For those working with three-phase sockets in factories and commercial settings, the PC104 and PC105 testers are indispensable. These devices instantly prove connection of all three lines, detect any incorrect and show the sequence of phase rotation using bright, easily interpretable LEDs. The PC series covers both four and five pin socket configurations in 16, 32, and 63 Amp variants.

While not a replacement for formal verification of wiring installations, the CP Series serves as a crucial first line indicator of potential electrical hazards, making it an essential addition to the toolkit of any electrical engineer working in demanding environments. All models in the series feature a tough sculpted design for easy removal and be durable enough to withstand the roughest of handling, thus providing many years of performance.

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