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The latest Martindale Electric Socket Testers for Industrial Troubleshooting

Martindale Electric’s latest range of industrial socket testers, known as the ‘CP Series’ are designed to provide a quick and reliable way of confirming 16 and 32 Amp sockets are wired correctly. Featuring three brightly illuminated LEDs and an on-tester lookup chart, the CP series ensures fast and simple fault diagnosis, enhancing safety and efficiency […]

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Niglon’s new range of PROTEGO consumer units

We learn more about why Niglon’s new range of PROTEGO consumer units has been engineered with the electrician firmly in mind. PROTEGO means ‘to protect’ in Latin, and in developing this range Niglon has sought not just to keep the homeowner secure, but also to make the life of the installer as easy as possible. […]

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Home Electrical Safety for Winter

Although the winters that we get in BC’s lower mainland do not compare to those seen throughout the rest of Canada, the season still comes with difficulties and hazards. Between significant rainfall, ice, and the occasional wind or snowstorm, winter brings weather that can create further dangers in the form of electrical hazards. At Expert […]

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Why is Knob and Tube Wiring Bad?

Knob and tube wiring was a common type of electrical system for homes built between the 1880s and 1940s. Though it was once viewed as an effective method, it has since become outdated and obsolete to the point that most homeowners have never heard of it. Even though knob and tube wiring has not been […]