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Signs of A Bad Roofing Job

Property remodeling jobs vary from small to large details, and one of the most extensive projects is the roofing job. Aside from it requires a lot of hard work, it also undeniably costs a lot. Your roofing can last up to two generations or longer, depending on the severity of the weather conditions in your area. 

Unfortunately, not all roofers are the same, meaning, not all roofing jobs are executed with the same quality. If your roofing job results are evidently poor, your entire property will be put to risk. Here are the following approaches that you need to know to determine whether or not your roof was mounted correctly. Additionally, it includes tips on how to stay away from choosing a completely wrong contractor.  

Take a Quick Look at Your Property

A thorough and brief inspection from the ground up should disclose any consistency concerns. For instance, aging signs of the roof that appear differently than in other areas. Also, seek out missing or cracked shingles. If you see stains or obvious discoloration, this may be an indication of leaks and other roof damages that might need immediate attention.  

Structural Problems

Locating structure problems around the roof is just not as simple as looking at the roof’s exterior portions that may have problems. The structural parts involve roofing decking, underlayment, drip edges, and flashing. Should there be issues in these layers, it will cause untimely leakage and other troubles, which is why a comprehensive examination is suggested. 

Common Signs of a Bad Roofing Job

It’s easy to distinguish a poorly installed roof. You can do it by simply – looking from the ground up. However, these signs usually don’t show right away, meaning a whole new roof structure that may be improperly installed might seem perfectly good at the beginning. If they remain undetected after several years, it creates more and more complicated damages in the future. 

Here are the common signs that you should look out for: 

Ununiformed Roofing

When you notice that your roof looks fine on one side, but seemed slightly off on the other, this means that it wasn’t done efficiently. The signs can involve mismatched shingles, meaning the professional may have cut corners to reduce efforts and or money, creating poor quality results. 

Inappropriate Nailing Strategies Were Used

To secure the roof, the correct type of nails must be used – the correct grade, size, and type. It’s essential too that the nails be driven to the material appropriately, of course, using the right methods. For example, an incorrectly driven nail will not penetrate through to the deck, increasing the risk of leaks or losing shingles. An over driven nail will cut material and also increasing the chances of water leaks. A crooked nail will even increase the chance of ruined shingles and water leaks. 

Hardware Errors

The roof does not involve just shingles – it needs the proper hardware that includes flashing, vents, drip corners, nails, underlayment, and decking—all of these work hand in hand to make sure a robust, uniform, leak-resistant roofing structure. Different nail varieties are required for different hardware, and that is a crucial element in the proper installation of your roof. Hardware errors are a sure indicator that your roofing contractor is not following the right techniques, requirements, and material installation specifications.  

Missing Drip Edges

Drip edges are crucial simply because they keep the water moving toward your rain gutters that keep water away from the house. 

Drip edges are built with galvanized metallic and therefore are set up over the underlayment but beneath the shingles on the sides of your roofing. In case of high winds, the drip edge will help protect your roof from water and other potential damages that it may cause. If drip edges are missing, it can result in mildew and rot in your roof, decking, or inside your property. It will cause discoloration, deterioration around your foundation, as well, as a possibility of a flooded basement.

Missing Underlayment

Roofing underlayment plays a huge role in keeping your roofing system protected. Thus, if it’s missing, you might experience unanticipated aging in the roof and will most possibly encounter leaking. If you have a missing underlayment, your roof structure, which is only a decade old, will seem to appear to be older. 

Are There Signs of an Unsatisfactory Roofing Job?

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