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Common Roofing Problems Faced by Homeowners

It is comparatively common among homeowners to have stumbled upon roofing difficulties in the course of their life. These difficulties can range from small leaks to cracking. Your home’s roof suffers from numerous common issues that may need immediate attention. This post will help you determine the most common reasons that you should get in touch with a professional roofing contractor.  

Roof repair is not only difficult, but it can also be hazardous. In many instances, it’s best never to fix the problem yourself, especially if you are not a highly-skilled craftsman yourself. Instead, contact an experienced roof repair company like Southland Roofing and Improvement to appropriately complete the job. 

Leaking Roof 

It’s likely the most typical roofing problem that homeowners are facing. The problem can go from damaged flashing (all those slim, weatherproofed pieces of aluminum that can keep water out) to broken shingles, floor tiles, or slate. You will find nearly as many triggers as there are roofing. Most commonly, roof structure water leaks tend to take place:  

  • Nearby the chimney 
  • At flashing details 
  • Under destroyed shingles 
  • In reduced spots or valleys
  • Near vents and plumbing 
  • Close to gutters 
  • At skylights 
  • Near vents and plumbing 

If you notice indications of a leak- stained ceilings or damp surfaces, get in touch with Southland Roofing and Improvement right away so our roofing professionals can perform a brief and thorough examination. 

Pooling Water

If there’s water starting to form like a swimming pool or pond on top of your roof, there may be problems in the long run. This is a particular concern associated with flat roofs. To solve this, form tapered locations on the surface of the roof structure. These small slopes enable the water to run off, keeping your roof totally free of water damage and mold.  

Punctures and Openings

Punctures and holes are most probably caused by foot traffic or local wildlife that leave scratches, pierce markings, and even large holes on a roof. The damage can increase throughout the years, impacting the actual wood or revealing it to decay-causing dampness.  


Every time a roofing material shrinks, it always leads to several other issues, including deterioration, cracking, and also tugging apart of important parts like flashing. 

Our professionals have years of and a wide range of experience carrying out roof repairs and inspections. If you’re concerned about shrinkage or need the roof looked over for signs and symptoms of shrink-relevant harm, contact us. 

Cracking and Blistering

Roofs can develop crevices, sore spots, and ridges over time. The likelihood of experiencing such damages depends on the particular roof structure you might have put in.  

Ice damage 

Snow and ice can wreak havoc on nearly every kind of roof. Snowmelt seeps into the several layers of the roof, which eventually damages everything. If it refreezes, your roof can push up against the shingles or lift them up. Things create gaps that a lot more water can come into. 

Poor installation

You are most likely to experience roofing troubles if you picked an unskilled roofer. This mistake will even cost you a lot more money in the long run. Shoddily installed roofing remains one of the most popular reasons behind long term issues.

Poor Maintenance

Skipping regular maintenance may be the most certain method to turn a minor issue right into a complex dilemma. Disregarding probable trouble locations can be another guaranteed way to get caught up in unavoidable roof damages. 

To make sure that none of these ever happens to your roofing, contact Southland Roofing and Improvements today to schedule a roofing inspection!

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