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Re-roofing VS. Roof Replacement: The Pros and Cons

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With the roof being one of your home’s biggest investments, it’s important to maintain it well. However, when the times comes that you need to replace it due to the damage it has sustained, it’s best not to put it off. A damaged roof can bring many problems to your homes, such as pests, mold, and water damage. Therefore, you should make sure to fix it on time. 

And yet, an important question still stands: when facing a damaged roof, should you re-roof it or replace it altogether? 

Before we conclude, it’s best to understand the essentials between the two:  

The Basics of Re-Roofing  

Re-roofing refers to the quickest and cheapest way for you to restore a roof’s appearance. In this process, a brand new shingle overlay is placed on the old ones. You’ll need re-roofing if you only require a single layer of shingles. But if you require more, then you will require an entire roof replacement. 

The Pros of Re-Roofing

Compared to a full roof replacement, re-roofing doesn’t require the same amount of time, labor, and materials. Therefore, it’s a cheaper option. Moreover, if you only have minimal damage to your roof, such as requiring only a single shingle overlay, then you won’t need to replace the entire thing. 

The Cons of Re-Roofing

Re-roofing is only applicable if you have a single shingle overlay. If you have two layers, then you cannot add another third layer in certain areas. It’s also not recommended if you have metal roofing. Additionally, re-roofing is only a temporary solution to your problem. This means that it won’t be as full-proof as completely replacing your roof. And it only serves to cover your current shingles, making it difficult to see the damage underneath it, such as sagging or rotting. 

The Basics of Roof Replacement

When it comes to roof replacement, the old shingles of your roof is completely stripped. This means that your deck is fully exposed, which will help you see the damages’ extent. After stripping the shingles, an underlayment or felt paper is applied. This will protect it from the damage caused by the elements. Once that’s finished, a new layer of shingles is installed on top of the felt paper or underlayment. This will help your roof last for many years to come.  

It should be noted that if the deck is very damaged, then you need to spend more repairing it first before adding the new overlay of shingles. 

The Pros of Roof Replacement

When you do a full roof replacement, your new roof will last more. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about fixing it any time soon. It’s also not limited to how many layers of shingles you already have compared to re-roofing. Because you have to strip off the old layer of shingles, you will be able to fix the problems underneath extensively. In the long run, you can save more with replacing your entire roof as it tackles the problem at its very core.  

The Cons of Roof Replacement

The only cons in replacing your entire roof are that you have to spend more on materials, time, and labor. It is expected to be very costly. But for future purposes, it will be worth it. 

Expected Costs 

These two methods’ costs can vary drastically, especially since it’s based on the job size, the materials needed, the overall labor, and your current location. It also depends on other special tools you might need, such as roof jacks. Other factors also include how many levels your house has and where it’s located. If you live in a single-story home with a low slope, then it won’t be difficult for contractors to get up and down. Therefore, it will cost less. 

However, it’s a given that roof replacement will cost more as it requires extensive labor and longer duration. 

Your Final Verdict: Re-roofing or Roof replacement? 

Only you know what’s best for your house. You have to consider particular factors such as your budget, the extent of the damage, and your house’s structural integrity. But if you want to be 100% sure you’re making the right decision, you can ask Service First Roofing and Construction regarding the best option in fixing the damages on your roof.    

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