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Roof Repair or Replace? | B&M Roofing

Assuming your roof isn’t extremely old and you also notice several loose or damaged shingles, you can replace them. But for more expansive or more huge damage, it may be the moment for a new roof. The solution is a regular roof inspection so that you are informed of what’s happening up there. Types of […]

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Frequently Missed Items by Insurance Adjusters Storm Guard

You filed your insurance claim, the adjuster has visited your property, and you now have the insurance carrier’s estimate in your hands.  Now you’re wondering:  What in the world does all this mean?  Surely this is comprehensive and my home will be restored to pre-loss condition, right? Unfortunately, insurance adjusters are human just like the […]

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Upgrading to a Class 4 shingle – Storm Guard | Colorado Springs, CO

Homeowners throughout the greater Colorado Springs area are upgrading to a Class 4 shingle. The question we get asked most often at Storm Guard of Colorado Springs is, “What is a Class 4 shingle?” A Class 4 shingle is an asphalt roofing shingle that has passed the UL2218 testing requirements. Essentially, a 2-inch steel ball […]

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⭐Obtaining a New Roof or Roof Fix During COVID-19

Can you receive a new roof structure or roof structure fix during COVID-19? In many instances, the answer is yes – though it is determined by where you live since the coronavirus restrictions and orders vary by state and may also vary at the country-level.   COVID-19 and the resulting social restrictions have closed some […]

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Roof Repair VS. Roof Replacement: Which One Do I Need?

Ever found out that your ceiling has some annoying discoloration that appears to be a flow of water? Or do you randomly find shingles lying on the ground? To tell you honestly, you are not alone. Probably all homeowners can relate.  There are different solutions to different problems, but you should not fret because there’s […]

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Re-roofing VS. Roof Replacement: The Pros and Cons

With the roof being one of your home’s biggest investments, it’s important to maintain it well. However, when the times comes that you need to replace it due to the damage it has sustained, it’s best not to put it off. A damaged roof can bring many problems to your homes, such as pests, mold, […]