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The Future Is Here!  Get Your Free Drone Roof Scan Today!

Homes are shelters first and foremost, so “roofing” is a trade as old as civilization itself.  Obviously, things have changed considerably over the years.  The advanced roofing materials we use, the perfected installation methods we subscribe to, and the efficient tools we wield have all come a long way since the days of the first roof installation.

What has not changed much, however, is how we diagnose the health of a roof.  When the first roof started leaking someone climbed up a ladder, got on the roof, and performed a visual inspection to determine what was going on.  If you were to call a typical roofer today, the same steps would be taken to diagnose your roof.

With today’s advances in technology, Storm Guard is finally changing the way we diagnose the health of a roof.  Instead of sending someone up a ladder to provide a subjective assessment, we have a drone with Artificial Intelligence that will perform an advanced roof scan and mark any damage on a photo report.

That’s Neat, But Why Should You Care?

There are three primary benefits.  First and foremost, the report generated by the AI Software is impartial.  A roofer has a bias towards seeing damage – they will get paid to replace your roof.  An insurance adjuster typically has a bias towards denying a roof claim – they will have to pay to replace your roof.  The drone does not have a dog in the fight and is programed to deliver a factual baseline report of your roof.  Artificial Intelligence identifies and marks any anomalies and weather damage found on the roof in baseline report generated.

This brings us to the second benefit of an annual free roof scan:  a baseline report of your roof.  This is of particular importance if you have a newer roof.  Storm Guard has guided thousands of homeowners through the claims process, and an insurance carrier disputing the age of damage present is more common than we would like to admit.  Having an annual baseline report is essentially insurance on your insurance because you will have a paper trail demonstrating a healthy roof.

Finally, the value of a baseline report really shines in the event of weather damage.  Once a baseline report has been generated, we are notified of any potential weather event that may have impacted the health of your roof.  Should your home be in the path of damaging weather event, we will perform another complimentary scan of the roof and overlay the new report with the baseline.  This will pinpoint exactly what damage was created by the weather event and removes all doubt or dispute as to whether or not you incurred a loss, expediting your insurance claims process.

There is finally a quicker, safer, and smarter way to make sure your home continues to function as the shelter it is designed to be.  Roof scans typically take about 10 minutes and a member of our team will review the report with you in depth to answer any questions you may have.  If the report shows damage to your roof, Storm Guard specializes in exterior insurance restoration and would love nothing more than the opportunity to guide you through the claims process.

How Does A Drone Scan Work?

Our drone operators are required to pass the FAA’s Aeronautical Knowledge Test to obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate.  The drones we use for our roof scans are not human-operated hobby drones, but rather fully automated.  This means all our “pilots” need to do is set the drone up, outline the flight path around the roof we want to inspect, and let the drone get to work.

The drone takes off to a high elevation to scan its flight path for any obstructions such as trees or power lines and then begins a methodical flight path back and forth over the roof to begin documenting.  Once the flight path is completed, the drone returns to the point from which it took off and uploads the scan data to the cloud.

Our operators can inspect the high-definition images generated by the drone for points of interest, maintenance concerns, and weather damage with the assistance of Anomaly and Hail detections produced by Artificial Intelligence.  A baseline report with any present damage noted by the Artificial Intelligence is then given to the customer.

Is It Safe?

Much like the Artificial Intelligence generated damaged reports remove the human error in inspections, the automated flight software removes human error from piloting the drone.  In case of an emergency, the drone pilot can cancel the drone’s flight path and call it back to its landing zone immediately.  Each drone is backed with a one-million-dollar liability insurance policy.

It is also safer for your roof.  While most insurance carrier recommend annual roof inspections, repeated foot traffic on a roof in the same place can lead to premature wear on the roof.  There will always be situations that require a closer look, but using a drone to perform the inspection keeps boots off your roof in 90% of those situations.

We would be remiss if we did not also mention the benefits this has in the current COVID pandemic.  We understand that some of our neighbors, family, and friends considered high risk or interacting with those in that category need to take extra measures to avoid close contact with other people.  The drone scan and digital reports it provides allows our representatives to give you a completely virtual tour of your roof and can guide you through the claims process without any close contact.

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