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De-icing Your Roof Like a Pro

Winters in Colorado bring in so much snow and ice. After a night’s snow, you won’t be surprised to see new ice formations on the roof. The ice is usually found at the edge of the roof, on the gutters and downspouts. This build up can cause real and serious damage to  your roofs. It often leads to leaks and other issues. Above all, the repairs can cost your real money. 

What are some ways to de-ice your roof in South Riverview, Colorado to prevent further roofing damages? Check out these tips and help yourself avoid that costly roof repairs! 

Tips on how to de-ice your roof 

One of the best ways to de-ice your roof is to reach out to a professional and trusted roofing company. Roofing companies have a team of professional roofers who can address your roofing issues efficiently and safely. However, if you have some do-it-yourself tips, we also have that for you. 

Use snow rakes

Snow rakes or roof rakes are like shovels except they’re designed for shoveling snow or scraping ice from your roof. The snow rakes may not completely take out all of the ice but it’s an effective and practical tool you can use to minimize the ice build-up. Just a word of caution, be extra careful when using the snow rake and do not stand on the ladder or the roof surface. You may slip or fall if you stand on the roof surface or the ladder. 

Use ice-melting products

Check your local hardware or home improvement store for those ice-melting products. Look for the ones with chemicals such as ammonium sulfate and calcium magnesium acetate to melt the ice. Spread the product on the affected site evenly. The chemical products aren’t designed for an entire roof use, they’re more for specific areas on the roof. 

Use heat cables

The heat cables are preventative to prevent ice build-up. It’s designed to create channels to allow water to drain from the roof. The heat cables can be installed in all the different parts of the roof with no insulations like the garage, the eaves, and the gutters. 

It’s critical to keep an eye on your roofing system after every snow storm. Look for signs of leaks and other damages and do your best to keep them to a minimum. If inspection is difficult for you, you can call on for our services in South Riverview, Colorado. Our professional roofers are always willing to help you keep your roof at its finest. While residential roofings are designed in a way that water and snow just slide off, it’s different for commercial roofs. 

At Home Grown Roofing, South Riverview, Colorado, we are dedicated to helping you with any roofing issues you have. We also offer inspection and maintenance service to ensure that your roofs could last a long time. We want you to get the best of your investment and as much as possible, we want you to save as much money for repairs. We want to keep your roofs working for years and years to come.

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