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Coffee with Caleffi: Air-to-Slab Heat Pump Systems – Plumbing Perspective

Air to water heat pump technology is steadily gaining traction.  When a heat pump’s coefficient of performance is maximized, energy efficiency and resiliency benefits are substantial. How can engineers, designers and installers effectively apply this emerging technology to high thermal mass floor heating applications?  Which commercial systems are good candidates for this type of design? […]

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Niagara Launches new CEU course on Water Conservation Standards – Plumbing Perspective

More builders and architects are building sustainability into their practice and conducting water efficiency planning including water-saving solutions and installation of water-saving measures, analyses of costs and uses of water, specification of water-saving solutions; installation of water-saving measures. As a result, Niagara recently launched a new CEU course for builders, architects, engineers, plumbing engineers and […]


Training Exemplified

Two plumbing contracting companies from different parts of the country share the same belief that in-house training is critical and having fully-trained employees reflects highly on their respective companies. Source link