Why You Should Build A Deck In The Winter

It’s that time of year again! The air is getting colder, the days are getting shorter, and bundling up inside by the fireplace is every person’s dream day. When winter begins to fade, and spring brings warmer air, and brighter days, your dreams change to you and your family out on your deck, grilling and watching the sunset. You might start planning to have your perfect deck built this spring, but why wait? The deck of your dreams could become a reality today!

The Early Bird Gets The Worm

The best things in life take time. The same is true of your deck. Decks can take one to three weeks to build. A designer will need to come and make a plan. From preparing materials to applying the final coat of stain, each step takes time. As spring approaches, more people will begin to think of getting outdoors. There will be a higher demand for deck builders. Why waste your time? While everyone is waiting for their summer to come, you could be preparing for yours! Now is the best time to reach out about your job to ensure your summer can get the start you want.

Of course, the weather in the winter can be an issue. Severe weather may slow construction down, but choosing to start your deck early will still guarantee that the deck of your dreams gets finished with time to spare.

Choosing Between the Good and the Best

Choosing to build a deck in the winter is not only better timing, but it is also actually better for many of the materials.

  1. Treated lumber has moisture in it that takes a few months to dry out completely. Your deck would dry more evenly in the winter months because of the lower humidity levels. Direct sunlight would also be less, saving you the problems with warping and twisting wood.
  2. There will be less landscaping damage due to the ground being more firm. In the springtime, the earth is softer due to thawing with rising temperatures. Having your deck built in the winter would better protect your yard from damage.
  3. Staining your deck is more effective in the colder months because the humidity is lower, decreasing the chances of cracking and peeling and saving you time and money.

What Are You Waiting For?

Today is the day! Let us at Decks of America assist you in having the summer of your dreams! Visit us at our services page or feel free to contact us here.



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