Why Roofing Tiles Are Important


One of the main reasons why clay tiles are so popular is their pleasing appearance. Beyond the classic terracotta color, clay tiles are available in a magnificent range of additional hues, each ideal for creating a unique design for your house. From crisp whites to natural browns and bright oranges, clay tiles allow you to completely customize your roofing design. Clay tiles come in a wide range of colors, each designed to give your home a unique appeal. Even better, most clay tiles have varied surface finishes to increase color vibrancy and add character to your home.

Clay tiles have the capacity to produce a lovely traditional aesthetic, giving your home a timeless feel without ever appearing outdated. We don’t have to worry about extra coloring dimming or losing quality over time because of the high temperatures employed in the kiln.


The durability of clay tiles is apparent. Clay roof tiles are so strong that powerful winds, torrential rains, and other harsh weather don’t bother them. 

Even while clay tiles have traditionally been a highly reliable and long-lasting roofing option, modern production and testing procedures are continually strengthening their durability and resilience. Clay tiles may survive over 100 years with proper installation and care, making them excellent for long-term use. Clay tiles are unaffected by decay, so once laid, they will last a lifetime. Did you know that clay tiles are fireproof and became a popular roofing material after the Great Fire of London? Impressive.


Looking for a low-maintenance, durable roof tile? Clay tiles may be the answer. They require comparatively low maintenance and don’t require expensive cleaning service. Any mold or algae on clay tiles can be simply removed by homeowners without the use of expensive or specialized equipment. If you detect any damaged, fractured or lost clay tiles, they can be easily repaired or replaced without any disruption to the remainder of your roof.


Clay tiles are highly efficient in many ways, including insulating your home. With its unique design, clay tiles provide exceptional thermal insulation throughout the building. They operate as a natural air conditioner, helping to keep the interior cool in hot times. Clay tiles allow for air cushion insulation layers above and beneath the tiles, increasing the roof’s insulating capability. I know. Clay tiles can keep your home more pleasant and save you money on energy expenses.


Clay tiles are made from natural materials and have great environmental benefits both before and after production. Clay tiles are made from natural materials that do not emit toxic gases and have a high thermal mass, reducing energy consumption. Even better, with a lifespan of over 100 years, clay tiles are very sustainable, using less resources and energy than other roofing materials that need to be replaced frequently. When the roof is no longer needed, the clay tiles can be simply recycled into new tiles or bricks.


As previously said, clay tiles are extremely long-lasting. They withstand severe winds, snow and heavy rains with ease. While other roofing materials expand and contract significantly more, clay tiles help keep the roof intact in both hot and cold weather. If harsher weather does shatter or detach a few tiles, fixing and replacing them is simple and inexpensive. Clay tiles aren’t just during the winter. They can also survive intense ultraviolet radiation from persistent sun exposure without visual or performance issues.

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