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Why Is There a Shortage Of Plumbers?

Maintaining and installing plumbing systems for your commercial or residential needs is a trade that calls for extreme dedication and focus. Unfortunately, there seems to be a shortage of qualified and licensed plumbers, and studies show that a few people enter the skilled trade despite the massive demand for plumbers. So, water taps around the city continue to drip. 


Even with new commercial and residential construction, the shortage of plumbers looms. With the deficit in the plumbing industry, it may be hard to find qualified professional plumbing services that can help. You want to think that your preferred plumber will come to your business or door and do the job right for the first time.

Why Is There Such a Looming Shortage Of Plumbers? 

Retiring Skilled Plumbers

Many experienced plumbers are at the age when they are almost retiring, and more than 50% of America’s skilled professionals are retiring. While seasoned plumbers are still available, the best workers are becoming extinct, and few high school graduates are venturing into plumbing careers to replace them.

Lack of Advanced Equipment and Knowledge in Technology

It has never been as crucial as nowadays to know the complexities of plumbing. Plumbers nowadays work with computers that need an expert eye to stay updated within the plumbing industry standards. Several factors constitute the complexes of plumbing; walls have significant plaster variances, piping material change,s and installation codes vary.

School Programs Aren’t Available 

The lack of enough funding is to blame for plumber training opportunities. A decade ago, girls and boys were introduced to the trades industry and enrolled in apprenticeship programs via their school’s educational programs. Today, a particular trade or vocational schools and high school programs are scarce to aspiring plumbers who want to pursue a career in the skilled trade. Fortunately, there are some online plumbing courses you can take from the comfort of your home and later become a qualified, licensed plumber.


Perceived Stigma and Career Choice

Plumbers for the ’60s to ’80s operated in a different time than their successors. Compared to chasing the next shiny object and high learning, there is some stigma associated with the plumbing career.

Family Business Tradition Cease

What was once regarded as a heritage profession, family plumbing business ties are not as famous as they used to be years ago. As corporate opportunities and career choices expand, the idea of stepping into your father’s or mother’s shoes is not as lucrative as in the past. Thus, plumbing industry ties are typically broken as family plumbing company longevity is lost.

Alpha Tradesmen Academy has developed online plumbing courses and educational programs for plumbers in the field to address the looming plumber shortage. Those programs are designed for aspiring plumbers, both old and young.

Solving the Plumber Shortage Crisis

With a decrease of qualified, professional plumbers in the industry, it’s no wonder that resourceful and selective homeowners are looking for ways of doing things independently, including plumbing. To address the current plumber shortage in America, online plumbing courses can help a great deal. Unlike the traditional form of plumbing training, you can become a professional plumber by learning plumbing concepts right from the comfort of your home. 


Alpha Tradesmen Academy offers comprehensive online training for anyone who wants to become a professional plumber. Our plumbing course will provide updated information on the latest techniques, practices, and equipment. If you are considering entering an in-demand plumbing career, consider enrolling in any of our online courses today.


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