Hail and Wind Roof Damage

Why Hire a Professional for Storm Roof Damage

It’s not all the time that we get to receive warnings before a storm happens, and before we know it, it already destroyed several of our properties. More often than not, property owners will have to deal with different storm-related challenges such as flooding damages, hail, and ice damages, hurricane damages, and more. The damages are usually very costly and would require total restoration of your business or home properties.   

Knoxville Roof Damage Repair

If you, as a property owner, are looking for storm restoration services to remedy your property’s storm roof damage, be sure to look for a reliable expert. Hiring a trustworthy contractor with a good reputation is crucial in fixing your roof damage.  

Post-Storm Roof Damage Essentials 

Even before the storm, you must ensure that you and your family will be safe. When the storm is over, and the damages are visible, make sure to down the electricity and power lines, then call your electrical contractor or utility company to have your home evaluated.  

Storm roof damage is inevitable, especially during a storm. It is important to assess your roofing for damages such as roof leaks, ice dams, etc. Make sure to evaluate the floodwater level, ice damming level, frozen pipes, and water damage. If you can, inquire about the flooding around the area where you live.  

Common Roof Damages to Look Out for:  

  1. Roof leaks 
  2. Holes on the roof or ceiling
  3. Broken tiles, or cracked slate
  4. Gutter dents
  5. Bent or broken seams
  6. Ice dams 

Once you are faced with these challenges, it could mean that you need to prepare your home for major repairs or, worse, full restoration. To understand the responsibilities on your part as the property owner and the restoration costs, be sure to contact and communicate with your roofer. Your contractor will assess the damages and determine the value of the damages, and most especially, provide you with proper calculations. Storm Roof Damage Repair Knoxville TN

Storm comes with strong winds, which can initially bring damages to your doors and windows. Damaged doors and windows often lead to cracks, holes, broken window glass, and other wind-related damages. If you do not want to live with the inconveniences that these issues bring, a professional restoration service provider is your savior. Be sure to call one as soon as possible to prevent the damages from worsening. 

When the assessment is done, your licensed contractor will set and prepare the plan for the restoration. Sometimes, you can be involved in the planning too. 

Storm roof damages are not easy to resolve, but you will be confident that the restoration process will be carried out properly when you hire a competent roofer. Your roofing contractor will determine which areas need sufficient attention and the right devices to use in the process. 

The Restoration Process

The first step would be to remove anything that could stand in the way of the restoration, including debris brought by storm damages. However, if you let the damages linger for a long time, they can become worse. If you do not want to have wind and ice damage, make sure to let the restoration team know about your home condition. They should be able to reinforce the parts that are not stable and sturdy enough to hold your roof. A tough roofing system can withstand the test of strong winds and ice dams. 

After the Restoration

When the restoration process is completed, several things should be done: 

1. Water removal and restoration 

If there’s flooding in your home brought by the storm, you should remove the water using a flood pump. Flooding can be caused by frozen pipes that suddenly burst, heavy rains, or groundwater. Removing the flooding water is very important. Otherwise, it can be a breeding ground for molds and other harmful organisms. 

2. Hail damage restoration

Water restoration should be accompanied by hail damage restoration, and sometimes, ice damage restoration. Ice damming can be a result of hail storms and require a trusted professional’s supervision to be removed using the right equipment. The right tools and appropriate processes make removing the ice dams and restoring ice damages more effective. 

3. Roof repair

Your roof is the most susceptible to damages during a storm. Therefore, repair and restoration are needed after a massive storm. Leaving the roof damages unfixed can result in more severe issues in the future. Your water restoration will be useless if your roofing system is not perfectly functional.

Heavy rains and hail damage cause roof damages such as leaks and roof sinking. That is why it is important to hire a trusted professional to evaluate the entire roofing system and the cost of the damages. Make sure to have your roof sealed, and your roofing frames strengthened before proceeding to other repairs. Make sure not to overlook gutters and frozen pipes damages caused by ice damming. 

4. Storm Remedy

After all the restoration has been done, it usually ends with storm remediation to ensure that everything has been fixed entirely, and nothing is missed. Maintaining a regular roof checkup and repair is highly beneficial to avoid re occurrence of roof damage such as roof leaks that can worsen during a storm. It will also be helpful if you want to prevent frozen pipes, broken windows and doors, and other storm-related issues that would cost a lot for repairs. 

Getting your home ready for the upcoming storm sure is excellent, but you should also be aware of the weather conditions in your area. Be sure to be updated on weather warnings and work on your preparations.  

To further protect your home from possible storm roof damages, you can install flood pumps or trenches around your home. This should help prevent water from coming in and causing a flood. Calling a reliable storm damage restoration service like Knoxville’s Roofing Company is a must and should be on top of your pre- and post-storm-to-do list.

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