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Water is necessary for human survival, and plumbing has played a significant role in the development of civilizations.

The origins of plumbing can be traced to ancient civilizations, including the Greek, Rome, Persian, Indian, and Chinese. As cities and towns in these places advanced, they each developed irrigation methods for their farm produce and provided public baths, wastewater disposal, and drinkable water. Below is the chronological arrangement of the main historical events that serve as the foundation of today’s modern plumbing systems.

Middle Ages

  • Baked clay and straw were used to make the first plumbing pipes. 300-foot-deep wells were dug, and the water wheel was created. This has been established thanks to the discovery of bathroom facilities and plumbing in the pyramids.
  • Greeks perfected the science of hot and cold running water, enabling them to create shower technology that athletes could use to take a shower after competing in the Olympics.
  • However, when the Roman and Greek empires collapsed, plumbing innovation ceased for a long time.

Early Modern Plumbing

  • The world’s first flushing toilet was a present to Queen Elizabeth I.
  • In the middle of the 1600s, Boston was the driving force behind the development of America’s first water system.
  • In 1738, the first flush toilet with a valve was created.
  • The flush toilet was invented by Alexander Cumming in 1775, ushering in the modern toilet.

Modern Plumbing

  • In the year 1080, the first shower was created. It would repeatedly pump the same wastewater from the lower basin up to the top, where it would be discharged directly above the bather’s head.
  • The first safe water supply project was started in 1815 in Philadelphia.
  • In 1830, the first public water main was buried beneath the streets of New York.
  • In 1833, running water was put on the first floor of the White House.

To stop or contain disease epidemics, public health officials started pushing for the installation of better waste disposal facilities at this time. Before, the only method of garbage disposal was to gather waste and dump it on the ground or into a river. Open sewage ditches and cesspools were eventually abolished with the creation of separate underground water and sewage systems.

As you can see, our plumbing systems have come a long way since ancient times, but sadly, accidents do happen. If you need a reliable plumbing service, get in touch with us.


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