What You Need To Replace Your Roof

The roof is an integral part of your home. It serves as exterior to your house and seals off the dangers from the outside world. It is considered as the most important component in the household. Without a roof over your head, the very integrity of your home is in danger. Therefore, you need to take good care of it. Any minor issues can cost so much to fix. And when the time comes for a roof replacement, you might not realize that you’ll need to get a permit first.   

Common Problems in Damaged Roofs 

Most common problems when it comes to damaged roofs include the following:

  • A minor leak can lead to severe water damage 
  • Water damage can lead to dangerous molds forming in your room
  • A damaged roof can create openings for small animals and pests  

Here is a helpful guide that will tell you everything you need to know about getting the right people to fix your roof. Replacing a roof takes more than just hiring the right people. You also need the right documents.  

The Required Permits for Roof Replacement 

When you need to replace your roof, the one thing you need is a building permit. This is the same permit you must provide when you’re working on any major changes to your home. It should be noted that any minor work doesn’t typically require this kind of permit. But if you’re doing renovations, making structural changes to your building, or expecting over $10,000 worth of work, then you need a building permit. 

Since their respective states or cities issue building permits, then the exact requirements and exceptions can vary drastically. And yet, it’s clear that most places don’t necessarily require you to have a permit when you’re working on a small patch of drywall or replacing interior doors. But a building permit is required for any changes that include the structural integrity of your home.  

Structural work refers to work that directly affects the entire shape of your building. Examples would be building new decks, taking out all shingles, or replacing joists. Therefore, when you plan to replace your roof, you’re going to need a building permit. 

The People Who Can Apply for A Building Permit 

Now that you know what you need to replace your roof, you also need to know who to approach to get one. There are only two types of couples that you can approach this. The first one is the homeowner, and the second one is the contractor. Now, certain requirements should be noted.  

If the homeowner is the one doing the work and will not be hiring outside help, then it’s safe to say that they’re eligible to apply for a building permit. However, if the homeowner is planning on hiring somebody else, such as a contractor, it’s up to the contractor to get the permit. Take note that only a licensed contractor is allowed to apply for a permit.  

The Benefits of a Licensed Contractor 

It’s important to hire a licensed contractor when replacing your new roof. After all, a licensed contractor is the only person you can hire to apply for a building permit. Without the necessary permit and a licensed contractor, any work done on your roof can be stopped immediately by a building inspector.  

This means that if you don’t have the required permit, you might be forced to stop working until you get one. This points to a situation where you have to live with an unfinished roof until you get a permit. Sometimes, a building inspector can even require you to remove all the work that has already been done, which means completely ripping up your brand new roof. 

A licensed contractor is somebody who is allowed to do $2,500 worth of work. They’ve gone through the necessary tests and examinations to know the importance of replacing your roof the right way. Moreover, hiring a licensed contractor guarantees that you’ll be hiring a skilled and experienced roofer. This can save you from any big legal trouble, especially when it comes to bonding and insurance.   

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