What is Display Advertising and How Can It Help Your Plumbing Business Grow?

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Display Ads for Plumbers

If you want to attract new clients, re-engage homeowners who booked one-off jobs, and grow your plumbing company, display ads for plumbers are a perfect place to start.

Display ads are all around us whenever we browse the web. They play a critical role in how local home service businesses, including plumbing contractors, create brand awareness with potential clients in their target market.

Before you decide on whether display advertising is something you want to incorporate into your plumbing marketing strategy, you need to understand what display adverts are, how they operate, and the advantages they provide.  This post will help you learn the best platforms plumbers can use for display advertising and surefire hacks for developing effective plumbing ads for your company.

Without further ado, let us dive into our post.

What are Display Ads for Plumbers?

Display ads for plumbing contractors are mainly run through Facebook, Google Display Network, and other social media platforms. These visual ads are synonymous with online billboards for your plumbing company.

You are going to come across display ads in multiple places online, including:

  • Websites– Plumbers who invest in display advertising can deliver ads to unsuspecting browsers on third-party sites.
  • Social media platforms – Similar to third-party sites, plumbing display ads can be run on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media networks to create brand awareness with unsuspecting clients, right from their social media feeds.
  • Mobile apps – Plumbers can even operate display ads in some mobile apps, like games, if the app allows it.

Display ads for plumbers are typically charged on a cost-per-click basis. That implies that each time a browser clicks on your plumbing ad, you will be charged.

Most Popular Forms of Display Advertising for Plumbers

Plumbing display ads come in various sizes and shapes. But what do display ads for plumbers look like?

Banner Ads

You can use banner ads for your plumbing company.

Banner ads are a popular form of display advertising that plumbers can invest in.  They show up to internet users as they browse other third-party websites (not as they flip through your plumbing website). They are normally found at:

  1. The top of the other third party website
  2. In the right or left sidebars of the site

Interstitial Ads

It's a full-screen ads that will pop up

Sometimes, when you open a YouTube video, article, or mobile application, an ad will pop up and play. They are referred to as interstitial ads and are commonly found across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

Rich Media Ads

Rich Media Ads are interactive

In an attempt to engage the prospect, distracting them from the concept that they are dealing with an advertisement, such ads are always fun.

Video Ads

Online display advertisement that has a video

These are ones you most likely skip when attempting to get to YouTube content you are interested in unless they make to engage you.

Such ads are delivered to you by different ad networks:

  • Google Display Network: Access millions of websites via your Google Ads account.
  • YouTube Ads: YouTube is undoubtedly the second biggest search engine globally that offers the best place to advertise your plumbing company.
  • Facebook ads: Facebook understands its users extremely well, and plumbers can leverage the right data set to target the right client with display ads.
  • LinkedIn Audience Network: Access to millions of users through their targeting abilities and platform.

Social Media Plumbing Ads

Tools to advertise your plumbing company

Social media can be an effective tool to market or advertise your plumbing company. It helps you to easily target your ideal clients and monitor your ad campaign results.

Utilize social media ads to promote your plumbing services or specials, show off perfectly completed jobs or share positive testimonials and reviews.

Plumbing contractors can utilize social media ads to:

  • Target and create audience groups based on interests, location, and age amongst others.
  • Generate more qualified leads and improve brand awareness.
  • Set your advertising budget and select how you pay.

Facebook Ads for Plumbers

Facebook Ads help to achieve your business goals

There are various ways you can promote your plumbing company on Facebook, including boosting specific posts on your Facebook business page or developing catchy ads.

A boosted post on your Facebook timeline that you pay some money to target a specific target audience. On the flip side, a sponsored post is created through the Facebook Ads manager and helps you customize your audience, message, and call-to-action to achieve your business goals.

Instagram Ads for Plumbers

Instagram helps you outrank other posts from other plumbers

Instagram is no doubt an image-based social media platform.  To outrank other posts from other plumbers, you will want to use awesome videos and images that tell a story of the project you have done for past customers.

Google’s Local Services Ads for Plumbers

The simplest ad for plumbers is Google’s Local Service Ads

Google local services ads are display ads that show up at the top of Google’s search results page when homeowners look for a particular service in their area (such as “plumbers in Murfreesboro, TN”

Local service ads operate on a pay-per-lead model, implying that you only pay when a potential client calls you for a service.

Plumbers can utilize Google local service ads to:

  • Promote your plumbing services online for the first time
  • Attract new, local clients and schedule more jobs in your area
  • Make the most of your advertising dollars.

Google’s Local Service Ads will include your Google rating, plumbing business name, service area, phone numbers, and operating hours. It will also display the Google Guaranteed badge on your ad to show that your plumbing company has been vetted and verified by Google. These are the simplest ads for plumbers that you can develop because they don’t need any text o graphics.

Google Search Ads for Plumber

Google Search Ads for Plumber helps you reach a larger audience

Search Ads show up at the top of the search engine result page, between organic results and the local service ads.

With Google search ads for plumbers, you bid on particular phrases or keywords you know your clients or prospects use to look for your plumbing services. These keywords could be:

  • Plumbers near me
  • Emergency plumbing services
  • Plumbing repair
  • Drain cleaning
  • Plumbing service

When a prospect searches one of these keywords, an ad for your plumbing company will show up. They run on a cost-per-click model, which implies that you only pay when a prospect engages with your ad.

Plumbing contractors can use search ads to:

  • Target clients actively searching for plumbing services
  • Maximize your advertising dollars
  • Reach a larger audience

Search ads will typically include:

  • A headline that incorporates the keyword a client is using to look for your plumbing services
  • A description that showcases the unique value of your plumbing services
  • A call to action that encourages prospects to click on your website
  • A URL that brings prospects to a page where they understand more or book your plumbing services

Google Display Ads for Plumbers

Google Display ads appear as banners

Unlike search ads that show up on the results page for a user looking for your plumbing services, Google Display ads appear as banners, videos, or banners to relevant clients as they browse the internet.

With Google Display Ads, you can target a particular interest, demographic and even users who have interacted with your plumbing company website before.

Plumbers can use Display ads to:

  • Drive relevant traffic to your plumbing website
  • Grow your plumbing company’s visibility online

Your Google Display ad should incorporate your business name, relevant imagery, message, logo, and a compelling call to action such as “schedule an appointment” or “learn more”

Whether or not you want to try Google display ads, you should claim, verify and optimize your Google My Business profile.  It makes sure that your plumbing business is found on Google Maps by prospects in your area, and best of all, it’s FREE!

How Do Display Ads for Plumbers Work?

Utilizing the Google Display Network, plumbing contractors choosing display advertising have a distinct benefit over their rivals who don’t. The most notable benefit is the unique targeting capabilities the Google Display Network offers:


User-based ad targeting shows your display ads to internet browsers that fit a particular criterion (like location, age amongst others). For instance, user-based targeting is an effective way to market your plumbing company to homeowners of ages 35 and above who live in your preferred service areas.

Website Targeting

Website-based ad targeting shows your display ads to potential clients who visit particular websites. Pick and select which sites your ads are displayed on and which they don’t, utilizing this kind of display ad targeting.

Topic Targeting

Topic-based ad targeting helps you to dial in your targeting to particular users who have expressed an interest in a particular subject, like home improvement.

Audience Targeting

The Google Display Network offers you the ability to target unsuspecting, new browsers with your ads that suit a specific demographic to your existing site visitors. These are known as lookalike audiences, as the objective is to show ads to internet browsers who, to Google, appear like your clients.

In-market Targeting

Google is getting smarter each day. Utilize in-market audiences to show your ads to prospects whose internet browsing history and search indicate that they might be in-market for a specific service such as plumbing repair services.

Interest Targeting

Through interest targeting, you can show your ads to users who recently began visiting other plumbing websites or consuming plumbing content online.

Once you have chosen your display ad targeting options and started your campaign, Google will show your campaigns to the most relevant user based on your preferred targeting options.

The Google Display Network has over 3000 predefined targeting options available to plumbers. To maximize your visibility online and give you more time to concentrate on running the day-to-day of your plumbing business, we highly recommend that you partner with a certified Google premier partner (like Blackstorm Design + Marketing) to get the most out of your display advertising campaigns.

Benefits of Display Ads for Plumbers

It is crucial to know that each kind of advertising is aimed at a particular audience with specific intentions. So, what is the intention of display ads for plumbers? To sustain and create brand awareness. That implies they can’t be utilized as a standalone strategy, but in combination with other types of plumber advertising, like pay per click, Search engine optimization, and local services ads for plumbers.

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