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Ways Trees Will Damage Your Roof

Protect The Roof of Your house From Tree Damages Before The Fall

People usually get concerned and do a lot of preparations when anticipating for the fall. There are many projects and preparations around the house going around to make sure that everything will be fine during winter. There is always the part of trees that many individuals tend to forget. Trees play a vital role in the environment but sometimes they can pose danger but it’s not usually a concern to many people. The trees can damage your home if proper care is not taken. This means that you always need to check the trees around your home. Trees can damage your home especially your roofing if proper care is not taken. Therefore, you can do something about it when you learn about some of these dangers. Here are some of the dangers that trees pose to your home, residential and commercial roofing.

Overhanging and weak branches

Heavy branches and limbs are prone to breaking during the winter season because of the added weight from snow. If the trees are growing near your house, then the first place to be hit is your roof. Smaller branches when falling ends up hitting the roof and ripping the shingles when falling to the ground. This leaves your roof susceptible and weak where leaks start forming with time.

The best thing to do before the fall is to go round your house to check the trees and make sure that there are no hanging or weak branches. Make sure that there is a 10-foot radius of the nearest branches to your house. Go round inspecting the trees to ensure that there are no signs of rotting or decaying trees as this may cause the entire tree to fall on the roof and cause immense damage that can cost you a lot. Make sure you cut down all the branches posing danger so that you can save your house when the fall comes.

The leaves and needles

If your roof is occupied with excess pine needles and leaves, it is always better to clean away before the fall leaving no other debris up there. if you let the leaves and debris to accumulate, then it will eventually trap moisture which may seep into the shingles and eventually reach the wooden beams. The wood holding up the roof may start rotting making it weak which may pose a great danger without your knowledge. This will create warping as well as leaks and rotting and eventually cause your roof to break.


You realize that gutters collect everything from the roof from the flowing water. It is, therefore, necessary to clean all the leaves and needles build up. All these come from the surrounding trees. If you don’t clean up this mess, your gutters will be clogged and instead of water flowing through the right channel, it will spill over and erode the foundation of your house making it weak. This will also destroy your landscape as the spilled water runs down creating unwanted water channels. You don’t want a situation where the foundation of your home becomes weak. Failure to clean the gutters means that you are likely to get ice dams which may pose a great danger to your house.

Falling trees

This may be a major catastrophe if a tree falls on your house. It is always necessary to check that the trees surrounding your home are living. It doesn’t matter the size of the tree, even the smaller trees can cause immense damage. It is, therefore, necessary to cut down any tree which displays the signs of falling or rotten from the inside. TIt may be painful to cut down your beloved tree but also healthier considered to the cost of damage that might occur if that tree falls on your roof. You can consider calling a local tree cutter who can bring down the tree while taking care of the house.

Good trees

Trees are healthier when planted around the home, make sure the trees are planted at a good distance from the house. Plant on the south side for shade. When you have trees around your home, you know that you will be breathing fresh air and also provide a natural temperature control. You can have as many trees as you want but make sure to have a good distance from the house.

Whenever you see that some of the trees are posing danger to your house, you can always contact your local Knoxville tree cutters to come and assist before the fall to make sure your house is on the safe side. You can also contact Smoky Mountain Tree Service whenever you may need assistance.

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