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Three Ways You Can Fix a Leaking Pipe | Roto-Rooter of Greeneville TN

Most leaks in plumbing will be either at a joint or a solder connection, so if the leak is coming from an exposed pipe, you can check these points first. It’s worth bearing in mind as well that not all leaks are immediately visible. If there is water damage to surrounding plasterwork and woodwork, it may indicate a hidden leak inside an internal wall or ceiling.

Check For External Sources of Leaks Outside Your Home

Water pipes that run along the ground outside your property may also have developed a break without you noticing. So before assuming that any problem lies with your pipework, check for broken mains supply lines which feed your house by opening up manhole cover covers, especially if you live near them.

How to Fix a Leaky Pipe With Fiberglass Tape

A specific fiberglass tape can be used to repair a leak. This tape is made from the same material as reinforced fiberglass cloth and has a waterproof sealant embedded. It can fix leaks in pipes of up to 3/4 inch diameter (19mm) and should not be used on plastic or metalwork because it will adhere permanently.

If you have enough expertise, then this method may be an option for you. However, if you are unsure, you should leave this job to the professionals like us at Roto Rooter of Greeneville TN. We will come to your house and repair the leak for a reasonable price!

Epoxy Putty Pipe leak repair

How to Fix a Leaking Plastic Water Pipe

This method is an excellent way to fix a pipe leak. This is because it adheres strongly and will not disintegrate when exposed to water. You can get epoxy putty at any hardware store, such as Home Depot or Ace Hardware. To use this method, apply a small amount of the epoxy putty directly over the hole in your plumbing pipes that is causing the leak. The amount applied should only be enough to cover up the hole – about a 1/4 inch layer is sufficient. After applying the epoxy, set something heavy on top of it (such as a brick) so that it remains in place while the glue hardens overnight.

This method works best for leaks around 3/8 inch or smaller in diameter on plastic. Larger leaks will need the epoxy putty to fill in a larger area. If applying this method to a leak on metal pipes, first wrap some plastic or tape around the pipe so that the epoxy does not contact it and cause corrosion.

Fixing a Larger Water Leak

If the leak is larger than 1/8 inch, pressure injection epoxy will have to be used. This method is more involved since you will need to cut out a section of damaged pipe for it to inject properly. After making sure that the water is turned off on both sides and any remaining water has drained from the system, apply some epoxy putty around two inches away (on either side) of where the leak occurred.

After applying a thick layer (about one-half inch or an inch), place something heavy over it overnight while it sets up. The next day, insert a piece of threaded pipe into each hole and use this as a plug until you can get someone out there with pressurized epoxy inject or to fix the problem for you.

If this method is not possible, use a simple hose clamp as a quick fix. After making sure that the water is turned off on both sides and any remaining water has drained from the system, place the hose clamp around two inches away (on either side) of where the leak occurred. The next day, tighten it down with pliers to create a tight seal until you can get someone out there with a pressurized epoxy injector to fix the problem for you.

This method is faster than doing it yourself and works most of the time, but it should only be used in small leaks or emergency situations since it does not adequately seal against future leakage.

Hire a Professional to Fix Your Pipes

Roto Rooter plumbers offer expert plumbing leak repair services for your pipes, fixtures, and plumbing system. We have the experience and knowledge to fix leaks around the home or business quickly.

If you are experiencing water leaks of any kind, contact Roto Rooter of Greeneville TN to schedule an appointment today.

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