The Top 10 Things To Do In Greenville, Tennessee – Roto-Rooter of Greeneville TN

Greenville, Tennessee, is a charming town in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains with a rich history and natural beauty. Visitors to this area will find a wide variety of activities to do, from outdoor adventures to cultural experiences. If you’re planning a trip to Greenville, here are the top 10 things to do:

Visit the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site

This site preserves the home and burial place of the 17th President of the United States. Visitors can take a guided tour of the site and learn about the life and times of this fascinating figure in American history.

Hike in the Appalachian Mountains

Greenville is located at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains, and there are plenty of hiking trails to explore. The Cherokee National Forest is just a short drive away, with over 600 miles of trails.

Go Fishing On the Nolichucky River

The Nolichucky River is a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts, with various species to catch, including trout, bass, and catfish.

Visit the Dickson-Williams Mansion

This historic mansion was built in the 1830s and is now open for tours. Visitors can explore the elegant rooms and learn about the life of its former residents.

Explore the Downtown Area

Greenville has quaint shops, restaurants, and historic buildings. Take a stroll down Main Street and soak up the local atmosphere.

Visit the Tusculum University Museum

This small museum is located on the campus of Tusculum University and features exhibits on local history and culture. It’s a great place to learn more about the area.

Take a Scenic Drive

Plenty of beautiful drives in the Greenville area, with winding roads and stunning mountain views. The Cherohala Skyway is a popular route, with 36 miles of scenic driving.

Go Camping

The Greenville area has plenty of camping options, with private and public campgrounds. Pitch a tent or rent a cabin and enjoy the great outdoors.

Attend a Local Festival 

Greenville is known for its lively festivals and events throughout the year. From the Main Street Jazz Festival to the Nolichucky Riverfest, this town always has something happening.

Visit the Greeneville Astros

This minor league baseball team plays at Pioneer Park in Greenville and is a great way to enjoy a day out with family or friends.

Greenville, Tennessee, is a wonderful destination for anyone looking for a mix of history, culture, and outdoor adventure. Whether you’re interested in hiking, fishing, or simply exploring the local area, there’s plenty to do and see in this charming town. Plan your trip today and experience all that Greenville has to offer!

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