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The Slopes Of Your Roof Can Affect Choosing Your Roof Materials

Roof slope is an essential requirement that is regarded as the primary aspect in roof layout. Typically, roof structure kinds and roof structure goods are usually divided into two major categories, steep slope roof structure and low slope roof structure. The vertical slope roof structure is generally referred to as “residential roofing” simply because many single-family residences inside the U.S. are framed having a steep slope roof pitch. On the other hand, the low slope roof structure is also known as “commercial roofing” because, primarily, professional buildings have flat roof designs – yet numerous houses in North America have low slope rooftops.

Whether steep or low, the slope of the roof affects the inside number of construction, the drainage, the design and style, and – most importantly – the material used for covering.

Precisely What is Roof Pitch?

The roof’s slope, also known as the pitch, depends on “rise over run” – the roof’s top to the bottom go up in inches for every single twelve inches of horizontal span (the run). So a roof with four ins of growing every 12 ins horizontally (run) would have a slope of 4/12 (sometimes viewed as 4:12). A list below provides the typical roof slopes and the terminology which classify them:

  • Flat Roof: 2/12
  • Low Slope: 2/12-4/12
  • Conventional Slope Roof: 4/12-9/12
  • Higher Slopes: 9/12 – 20/12
  • Steep Slope: 21/12 and higher 


Steep slope roof structure goods are typically much more visually pleasing since they are essential artistic parts for the home building where the roof can comprise 40% of the residence’s outside visible physical appearance. Steep slope roof structure also usually lasts more than low slope roof structure. The systems shed water considerably more efficiently and customarily are at the mercy of significantly less immediate U/V activity.


The household low slope roof structure can usually be divided up into two broad categories: larger flat roofed applications (low slope) including residential condo complexes, row residences, and townhomes and smaller applications including residential porch and garage area transitions through the main residence where slope in the roof changes dramatically from steep slope to low slope on the very same framework.

To the larger residential low slope roof structure applications, There exists a host of products and systems readily available, including BUR (Built-Up Roof structure) systems, APP Modified Bitumen systems, and SBS Modified Bitumen systems, including Cool Roof structure and Energy Star compliant items that may qualify for federal tax discounts when installed being a residential low slope roof structure product.

To the smaller residential low slope roof structure applications, including carport and porch transitions, This site offers an excellent remedy inside the Flintlastic SA, self-adhering SBS modified bitumen roof structure system. Flintlastic SA goods feature easy and clean applications. They also have granulated areas with colors that coordinate using our shingles, supplying the house owner with a complete and synchronized remedy for roof styles that transition from steep to low slope. Contact us for more information and avail our roofing services now!

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