Commercial Roofing

The Five Most Long-Lasting Materials for Roofing

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingle roofing, which is one of the most frequent and popular roofing materials, is widely preferred due to the fact that it is very cost-effective without losing any of its protective qualities. It is able to protect your house from snow loads, hail storms, and even rain that has been pushed by the wind.


The metal that is used in roofing provides a variety of advantages, including energy efficiency, resistance to wind, and resistance to fire. Homeowners who want a speedy and trouble-free installation will find this to be an excellent option. In addition, the majority of roofing systems made of metal are better for the environment, include a high percentage of recyclable materials, and have a longer lifespan in comparison to asphalt.

Clay Tiles

The fact that clay tiles may continue to look as lovely as they did when they were first installed while staying useful for as long as a century is one of its most appealing qualities. Having said that, you should ensure an effective gutter system is installed  to facilitate improved drainage and, as a result, reduce the likelihood of water related damage. Because Sentry Exteriors is one of the most respected gutter businesses, we are able to assist you in locating the gutter system that is most suited for your house.

Wood Shake

Because they are cut by hand rather than by a machine, wood shake shingles have a greater thickness than traditional wood shingles. Wood is a natural insulator, which means that it will stabilize your interior from the very beginning without the need for any other components. This option is a perfect contender for the most aesthetic roof you can get since they have an outstanding life expectancy of up to 40 years when they are properly maintained and because they look great.


Because slate is such a common choice for roofing material on old structures, it’s possible that you’ve seen at least one of these roofs before. This may be attributed to the lifetime and resilience of slate. Today, it lives up to its name by combining the classic allure and strengthened protection that it has always been known for, which results in a cost-effective and satisfactory compromise that is almost as long-lasting as the original.

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