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The Difference Between Pest Control And Exterminators

If you have a problem with insects or mice in your home, the first word that springs to mind might be the exterminator. While you may believe that an exterminator is the same as a pest control specialist, there are some key differences to be aware of. The goal is the same: to get rid of pests, but the methods they use to get there are vastly different. While the term “extermination” may imply the eradication of a pest population, this is very rare, which is fortunate for us all because even pests play an important part in the environment and ecology of our planet. In spite of this, however, we don’t want to see undesirable bugs and critters in our houses and risk the possibility that they might bite or sting us, spread sickness, cause damage to our homes or things, or simply be upsetting to view. This is where the services of a professional pest control company come in handy. Pest problems must be controlled in such a way that they are kept out of our homes while also safeguarding the environment, both inside and outside of our homes.


Although their purpose of eliminating pests may be identical, exterminators and pest control specialists have a few variances. Exterminators use pesticides to get rid of unwanted pests, which can be more dangerous than necessary, but a pest control specialist will look to see why the bugs are there in the first place and try to change the conditions that drew them in. In the event that chemicals are required, the pest management professional will utilize more environmentally friendly methods to eliminate the bugs.

Pest control firms typically utilize solutions that are just as effective against pests but have a low odor, are less hazardous to humans and pets, and are treated in a very focused manner.

Some methods even remove the usage of pesticides entirely. The most significant distinction is that pest management professionals seek long-term solutions rather than merely spraying chemicals to eliminate the bugs they encounter.


Bug management businesses are more knowledgeable in the most effective techniques to eliminate each specific pest, in addition to utilizing fewer chemicals. Each insect has a distinct cause for being present, necessitating a unique technique to remove it from your home. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment.


Most pest control technicians go through extensive training to become technicians, and they continue to get extra training throughout their careers. As research and technology advance, technicians receive additional training in order to keep current on pest management techniques for specific pests.


Even while exterminators and pest control specialists both want to get rid of the pest, the similarities end there. Would you rather come inside your house smelling chemicals and not knowing if your insect problem has been resolved? Or have peace of mind knowing that a qualified specialist knows the right treatment techniques to deal with your pest problem, allowing you and your family to relax?


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