The Dangers Of A Broken Septic Tank Lid

A septic tank lid isn’t just there to help you locate the location of your tank and keep its content contained. A septic tank lid is also there for the safety of your family. 

A broken septic tank lid poses a danger and a liability. Here are some of the dangers of a broken septic tank lid and how to stop accidents from happening.

Unknown Locations

One of the main reasons accidents involving septic tank lids happen is because they are situated in unknown locations or covered by grass, which puts small children or animals at risk. If you’re buying a property with a septic system, hire a trusted septic tank company and have them inspect the whole system, including the kid. Also, keep the grass around the septic area mowed and mark the lid area off if need be.

Broken Lids

If you see that your septic tank doesn’t fit properly or is broken, reach out to the experts immediately. While you wait, block the area off and inform your family members so they know to stay away from the septic tank area until it is fixed or replaced.

How To Avoid Accidents?

Never Enter A Septic Tank.

If there’s an emergency, call 911 immediately; falling into a septic tank exposes a person to toxic gases. Don’t attempt to lift the person out yourself, and you might also put yourself in danger. Wait for the specialists to arrive; special equipment is designed for such situations.

Be Careful With Open Flames.

Be careful with open flames around your septic tank. Methane gas is a natural gas emitted from your septic tank and can escape into the air sometimes. Not only is this gas harmful when inhaled but also flammable.

A cigarette and your barbecue flame are enough to trigger an explosion. Do not bring open flames close to your septic tank to prevent this from happening.

Schedule Regular Inspections.

Regular inspections for your septic tank are good practice, and you can catch safety hazards. 

Before they escalate and lead to accidents, for instance, a professional might notice that the lid of your septic tank is broken and take action immediately.

Don’t take chances with your septic tank. Use the tips mentioned to handle the possible dangers of a broken septic tank lid and to prevent future septic tank-related issues.

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