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The Best Tours In Knoxville

A guided tour is one of the best ways to explore Knoxville and discover all its wonders. We have lined up a few super fun tours for you to try out on your visit. Get to know the beautiful city and all its nooks and crannies for yourself!


Let’s Roam is the world’s most popular scavenger hunt app. Answer trivia questions and complete challenges as you walk to all of the best sites and secret jewels. As you discover new facts and create unforgettable experiences, work with your team or compete against them. Each player takes on a participatory role, with different difficulties for each person.

With Zombie Scavengers, you can walk around Knoxville while trying to survive the zombie apocalypse! You’ll be given a list of objects to find (in any order) to assist you survive a zombie apocalypse using an app. Finding these objects as well as performing various zombie-themed activities will earn you points.

  • Take a Nature Trip with Kids

Spend an afternoon reconnecting with Mother Nature via entertaining games that will pique your interest, focus your attention, and help you get deeper insights. You’ll get your hands dirty digging in the dirt, exploring creeks in search of salamanders, sampling wild delicacies, and taking in the fresh air and sounds of the woods.

Brew Bus Knoxville is a brewery transportation service that offers hop-on, hop-off service in the Knoxville area. You are free to hop on and off the bus at any of our stated stops while your Brew Bus pass is valid! Please refer to our timetable for information on departure hours, stops, and the ultimate drop-off location.

3Quest Challenge is a fun way to discover Knoxville. Our scavenger hunt allows you to traverse the city in search of things (provided to you as a riddle) and complete interesting tasks for points. These items and objectives are divided into three missions and can be found in our scavenger hunt app! To accomplish the 3Quest Challenge, find all of the things in quest 1, then quest 2, and finally quest 3! Set a time limit of 2 hours for yourself and see how many quests you can finish in that period. During the game, you’ll have a remote host who will connect with you via chat if you need assistance. With 3Quest Challenge, you can get out and experience Knoxville!

  • Knoxville Self-Guided Music Tour

Discover new stories about Nashville’s great artists and songwriters, both those who were born here and those who used the city as a springboard to stardom. Some simply came to have fun, while others left an indelible impact. You’ll meet the well-known, such as Dolly Parton, Hank Williams, and Elvis Presley, as well as lesser-known artists and songwriters like Charlie Oaks and Arthur Q. Smith. Along the way, you’ll learn fascinating facts and stories about Knoxville’s history and culture.


These are just a few ways to explore Knoxville. There is much more wonder to be discovered waiting in the streets of this lovely city! 

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