The Best Neighbourhoods To Live In Knoxville, TN

Knoxville is Tennessee’s third-largest city and the state’s first capital (behind Nashville and Memphis). It is the state’s largest city in the east, attracting residents seeking easy access to Georgia and North Carolina. Because of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville has a younger population, but it also has enough industry to attract residents from all walks of life. Knoxville can be a wonderful place to live if you find the right neighborhood for your lifestyle. If you’re thinking about moving to Eastern Tennessee, here are some of the best Knoxville neighborhoods.

Downtown Knoxville

The city center is one of Knoxville’s most excellent districts, and it is classified as a congested suburban region with a higher proportion of renters than owners. More than 146,000 individuals reside in downtown Knoxville and are pleased to be so near to their place of employment.

This area’s real estate is centrally located; however, it is not pricey. The typical rent in Knoxville is $845 per month, which is much cheaper than the national norm of $1,062. The median property price in the region is $136,300. The national average is roughly $217,500. If you want to live in a city but are concerned about the expense of living in Nashville or Ashville, Knoxville may be a good alternative for you.


Farragut is about 20 minutes distant from downtown Knoxville via I-40. With a typical income of $104,715, it is one of Knoxville’s most affluent neighborhoods. The median house price in this community is $376,300, and about 90% of inhabitants are homeowners. Rent in Farragut is roughly $1,120 per month for individuals who do not own a home.

The cost of living in Farragut is expensive due to its popularity and the size of its homes. This might be a good alternative if you have a large family or want a larger house than you can find elsewhere. Even though it is a suburb of 22,000 people, the region feels rural, which means you may expand out over a nice plot of land. Farragut’s schools are well ranked, making them popular for families.

Oak Ridge

Oak Ridge is a Knoxville suburb located about 20 minutes west of downtown. I-40 connects you to the city and other main roadways in the region, allowing you to travel into the city quickly. Oak Ridge has a distinct history. During WWII, it was critical to the Manhattan Project’s creation of the atomic bomb. This area was dubbed “Secret City” because it was built to house personnel who assisted in the assembly of nuclear weapons. You may still visit the Oak Ridge National Laboratory today to hear about how the city continues to lead the way in scientific advancements. Oak Ridge is regarded as a reasonably priced community to reside in. It has a median income of $52,000 and a median property value of $135,000. This suburb is home to almost 30,000 people, the majority of whom are families. It is also well-known for its public schools.

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