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The Best Brands For Home CCTV

Setting up security cameras for your home can be more complicated than many people initially realize. There are many criteria to consider, including whether your CCTV system will be wired or wireless, where to position the cameras, whether to use a system with an app or not, and how much memory space your DVR will require. One of the most important decisions you will need to make is which brand of CCTV system to purchase. While many brands offer competing price-points, features, and value, it is still important to differentiate between the brands and find the one that offers your home the benefits that best suit you.

What to Consider When Deciding on CCTV Brands

When looking at CCTV camera systems, there are a few differences to look for between the brands that are available. Some of the most important factors to consider when deciding on the best brand for you include:

Modernity of the Equipment

Many advances have been made in recent years in the world of security camera systems, and some brands have not necessarily kept up with the times. Features such as being able to access feeds from an app, having high resolution cameras, decent amounts of memory storage, and day/night vision cameras are all fairly pervasive with modern technology, and it is seldom worthwhile to purchase sub-par camera systems.

CCTV Equipment Retailer

Although many CCTV system manufacturers offer direct sales for their equipment, many of these providers elect to sell through retailers. In many cases, purchasing a system through a retailer like Costco or a high-end electrical wholesaler can mean that the purchaser gets better pricing and customer care than they would otherwise receive, making it worthwhile to look into local trusted providers before purchasing a system.

Wifi Vs. Wired Cameras

Many brands produce exclusively wifi or wired cameras, and it’s important to know which type of camera system is better suited to your home before even looking at brands. Make sure that you choose the type that offers you the best accessibility and reliability can go a long way to securing your property and future convenience.

Common Brands of CCTV Systems

There are tons of brands of CCTV systems out there and, once you choose a camera system, it is important to note that, once the proper cables are run for a camera system, the cameras can be switched out fairly easily if you need to switch brands as long as the cameras and DVR system is of the right quality and connection style. Some of the common brands of home security camera systems include:


Lorex is one of the best security camera brands available. They provide extremely secure feeds that are hard to hack and have a huge variety of camera types with a range of features. They usually need to be installed by electricians as they require power sources and often need Cat6 cables to run to a DVR machine, but they are completely worth their price point if your home’s security is a concern. They can also be purchased through most retailers that sell security systems, meaning that you don’t always need to deal with Lorex’s customer service directly.


SimpliSafe has a wide variety of cameras in their lineup and they are among the easier systems to install, setup, and use. They are fairly affordable and have a great app for monitoring your home as well, but most of their systems require a subscription base for iCloud storage of video feeds.


ADT provides high-end cameras at fairly affordable prices when compared with brands of similar quality. The cameras are among the most reliable on the market in terms of durability and hack-resistance, making them an excellent long-term investment. ADT also has an excellent video analytics system that allows for easy differentiation between types of events, making it easy to browse important feeds.

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