STACK Partners with Nearmap, Seeks to Eliminate Onsite Visits, Increase Efficiency

STACK Construction Technologies, a cloud-based construction platform, announced on Wednesday it entered into a partnership with Nearmap, a location intelligence and aerial imagery solutions provider, to improve efficiency, reduce risks, and increase bid output for subcontractors. 

In a Feb. 20 news release, STACK said because exteriors or site plans on existing buildings are not always available, contractors often must use lower-resolution satellite images, increasing safety risks, labor costs, and time wasted by performing redundant onsite visits. 

The STACK and Nearmap integration seeks to provide contractors with the seamless import of high-quality aerial images with automatic scaling to complete quotes. STACK’s takeoff and estimating tools should allow contractors to increase bid outputs, have greater scalability and eliminate risk with a fully remote process.

 “The partnership between STACK and Nearmap will deliver valuable impact for contractors,” said Phil Ogilby, CEO and co-founder of STACK Construction Technologies. “With real-time access to Nearmap premium aerial imagery integrated with STACK’s hyper-accurate preconstruction tools, our cloud-based platform empowers subcontractors to … mitigate safety risks [and] maximize efficiency.” 

The integration allows roofing contractors to deliver precise and detailed estimates on projects like re-roofing, storm damage, and repairs. What was a time-consuming task, taking hours, could now be accomplished in just minutes by reducing the time contractors have to spend onsite. Nearmap imagery allows roofing contractors to view hazards remotely, like building height, landscape features, and powerlines, mitigating safety risks and ostensibly reducing workers’ compensation rates. 

Estimators can expedite quote generation, ensuring customer satisfaction while possibly increasing their chances of securing more projects. STACK said using high-quality aerial images enhances the professionalism of the quotes, instilling confidence in project owners and assisting contractors in winning additional contracts.

 “We’ve learned many of our customers want to choose how they access Nearmap imagery and insights within their technology stacks, which includes having the flexibility to access data instantly through the MapBrowser platform or through a partner like STACK,” said Shelly Carroll, general manager of Geospatial Solutions at Nearmap. 

“Nearmap is responding to this customer need by adding flexibility and market-leading content, including high-resolution 2D aerial imagery and 3D content to support contractors better, enabling our customers to work smarter and more efficiently,” Carroll added.

The firm noted that the partnership marks the “beginning of a new chapter in construction technology to streamline” the preconstruction process. 

“STACK and Nearmap business models are highly compatible, our commitment to improving customer’s business is aligned, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about the strength and quick pace at which our partnership has come together,” said Ray DeZenzo, STACK COO. “We’re excited to continue leveraging future Nearmap solutions and innovations as this partnership evolves.”

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