Social Media Can Help Your Plumbing Business Find New Clients And Build Your Brand Online

Plumbing Social Media Marketing: Tips To Differentiate And Grow Your Business Online

The success of your plumbing business relies on integrity and communication with your customers, and these are also elements that constitute a healthy relationship, either personal or business. Your plumbing marketing strategy should assist in improving these relationships, and one of the most effective platforms to achieve this is via social media.

Promote your business on social media

Gone are the days when homeowners used to flip through Yellow pages or phonebooks to find a local plumbing contractor. With billions of homeowners using social media platforms, you need to have a vibrant online presence if you want a client’s business. Not only do social media platforms provide powerful tools to advertise your plumbing business, but they also don’t need much energy, time, or money to sign up and manage.

Keep reading to understand what social media marketing can do for your plumbing business, as well as how you can use it to reach potential customers.

Why Should Plumbers Use Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing

“Is social media marketing beneficial to plumbers?”

This is one of the most common questions we obtain from plumbing contractors all the time, and our response is an enthusiastic YES.

Social media advertising isn’t only for big brands, clothing lines, and restaurants. Every plumber can benefit from creating social media platforms and testing various plumbing social media marketing campaigns. Why?

Here are the top reasons why plumbing contractors should invest in social media marketing:

  • Get Attention and Improve Your Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

Let’s face it. If homeowners or property managers don’t know about the plumbing business, they can’t become your clients. Social media improves your visibility online among potential clients, helping you reach a larger audience using a large amount of effort and time. And it’s free to create a plumbing business profile on all major social media networks, so you stand to lose nothing.

Gaining brand recognition and brand awareness is one of any business’ most crucial marketing goals. That’s because customers want to book jobs with plumbers they recognize. Many customers even have specific degrees of brand loyalty, which translates to long-term business benefits. Fortunately, social media allows for effective and easy plumbing brand building.

Social media has advantages over conventional media because it can get your plumbing business in front of prospects or clients much more easily and quickly. Furthermore, it gets your audience looking at your plumbing business even when they aren’t thinking about your services.

Pro tip: Pay attention to your cover photos and profile. An effective way to get recognition and build brand awareness is to strategically place your plumbing company logo. Plus, ensure that the visual elements of your business are well represented.

  • Social Media Marketing Benefits Your Plumbing SEO Efforts

return of investment from social media marketing campaign

The right social media posts can boost your search engine optimization rankings, implying that your plumbing website will be listed higher in the Google search results so that new clients can find your plumbing services online before your competitors.

  • Generates Qualified Plumbing Leads

Generate leads

Social media is a good place for plumbing contractors to obtain qualified leads-homeowners who have shown interest in your services and are likely to become clients.

When prospects follow you on social media, they are showing an interest in your plumbing business or service offerings. This implies that they are likely to interact with your content, visit your plumbing website and become paying clients. In fact, more than 70% of people hire plumbers they follow on social media.

Social media advertising for plumbers is another way to get leads on social sites. You can target your target audience based on their demographics, interests, location, and more.

  • Connect with the Right Audience More easily

target audience

One thing you need to know is where your target audience spends most of their time while online. You want to ensure that you spend most of your resources or time both on the social media sites they frequent most.

Are your clients younger? Twitter and Instagram may be the best social media platforms for your business. If they appear to be more mature, then you can opt to use Facebook. Share photos of your craftsmanship and promote specials on your page. People love to connect with plumbing businesses they can relate to.

  • Wow Your Clients with Your Plumbing Expertise (Even Before You Meet Them)

Wow gif

Many people explore a plumbing company’s social media profiles before deciding to hire them for plumber services. An active online presence sends multiple signals that you are accessible, you treasure your online community, and depending on the plumbing content you publish- that you are a leader in the industry.

Besides promoting your services, share industry tips and news to differentiate yourself as an authoritative voice in the plumbing community around you.

  • Social Media Helps Plumbers Reach a Larger Audience

Larger audience

With over 5 billion active users, social media platforms can be a great tool to promote your plumbing services or business online. Social media popularity is one of the major reasons why it is beneficial to local home service businesses like roofers, electricians, plumbers, and more. It will give your business access to a larger audience of potential clients.

Your social media posts can reach a lot of homeowners or property managers, and with social media advertising for plumbers, you can reach more people by targeting a specific group within your larger audience.

Relationship marketing

As you increase your presence on social media, your follower will have a chance of noticing you. This will help establish relationships, which leads to the creation of trust and over time, new clients.

You can also establish relationships on social sites by talking with other prospects directly. Ask questions in your posts to encourage engagement. Reply to any reviews, messages, comments, and questions you get in a timely and professional manner.

  • Social Media Marketing For Plumbers Helps You Waste Fewer Dollars On Advertising

Paper bill

Advertising on social media is a relatively low-cost way to reach specific people within your target audience with your brand’s message. Social media offers an accessible and inexpensive way to advertise your plumbing services in front of thousands of new eyes every month through blog posts, videos, and photos of completed projects.

Social Media Marketing Tips for Plumbers: Leveraging Social Sites to Promote Your Plumbing Services Online

Social Media Management

Now that you understand the benefits of social media marketing to your plumbing business, the next step is to understand precisely how you can use it to your advantage.

We have good news for you! In this post, we are going to unearth a few tricks, needs, and tips exclusive to plumbing social media marketing.

If you follow our tips religiously, we guarantee that you going to see great results in not only engaging with existing (and with potential clients), but you will also broaden your reach, manage your online reputation and improve your brand awareness.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

1. Know Your Audience

Know your customers

Identifying your target audience is one of the most crucial steps in marketing any service or product, and social media is not an exception.

Social media is like other online marketing services, and it revolves around what your client needs and wants.

By understanding who you want to market your plumbing services to, you will understand when, how, and where to engage with them and see greater results in your social media marketing campaigns.

Knowing your target audience’s demographics such as age and gender will assist you in determining which social sites to focus your time and efforts on and the kind of content to create.

Take your time to develop your ideal client persona. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are your prospects individual homeowners or are they commercial property owners?
  • Where in your plumbing service area do they work and live?
  •  How old are they?
  • What is their income potential?

Although these questions may seem too basic and obvious, the responses will help you select a social media platform to fine-tune your brand messages and create posts.

2. Choose the Right Social Media Platform

Social Media Platform

Now it’s time to pick the right platform for your plumbing social media marketing.

With plumber social advertising, where you spread your message is as crucial as the content itself.

Owning an inactive social media page that hasn’t been used for weeks or months is a poor look. It is advisable that you start with one platform and do it well before diversifying to others, and this ensures that you don’t bite more than you can chew.

Without further ado, let us discuss the three major social media platforms that are ideal for plumbers:

Facebook Logo

Facebook is a great platform that has assisted many plumbers across the US connect with clients in their service area. With a Facebook account, plumbers can share photos of their completed projects, let their community ask questions, and provide insights on what they ran into specific projects.

Plumbers can generate new leads with Facebook marketing, and it is different from other marketing strategies that plumbers use because it costs nothing to sign up. Successful plumbing contractors build a good foundation of client connections that will lead to new business in the future.

Plumbers who are unfamiliar with Facebook advertising may feel intimidated at first. Facebook allows you to share helpful content (simple text, photos, or videos) to your target audience. It is generally the best platform to target old and middle-aged users like the baby boomers, which are more appropriate for your plumbing service company, as they have high chances of owning an apartment or home.

Instagram logo

With over one billion active monthly users, Instagram is a social media platform that appeals to the masses. Instagram plumbing marketing offers an easy and fast way to connect with prospects. You can create an Instagram page in minutes and share it through your plumbing website, paid ads, text messages, personal email, and more. It is a powerful advertising tool for plumbing contractors. Best of all, Instagram can be one of the cost-effective and most efficient methods for reaching the right prospects. There is no shortage of ways to engage your prospects or clients on Instagram from helpful behind-the-scene content to plumbing tips.

YouTube gif

YouTube is the best place to showcase your plumbing expertise, such as how-to videos, DIY videos, and videos showing how your crew can offer value to clients in the community who want to have their plumbing problems solved. Such videos can give you the much-needed boost on Google, when potential customers are searching for an answer, putting your plumbing company in front of new eyes while establishing your brand as a trusted authority in the plumbing industry.

3. Create Relevant and Timely Content


As a plumber, you need to give people that follow your social media profiles a reason to stay glued to you. When it comes to creating content, visuals are crucial, and Visual-driven posts are likely to be shared more than all-text.

Not only are there different kinds of social media posts, but each has a unique goal. Plumbing social media posts perform three main goals; educate, promote and engage.

That’s right! You don’t have to be concerned with booking plumbing service appointments all the time. Instead, offer value.


figure out how you can meet the needs of homeowners

When you create informational posts, not only should you give your followers crucial information, but this assists to establish you as an expert in your plumbing field.

So figure out how you can meet the needs of homeowners who are either searching for a local plumber.

What type of questions are they likely to ask?

Offering value is an efficient way to make sure that you hold on to all your new followers. Here are a few ways you can offer your followers the value they require to stay glued to your social media page:

  • Plumbing-related topics: Sharing some basic insider tips won’t put your job at risk. Insider knowledge tips such as how much water a flow restrictor can help save on your utility bills or the type of foods to avoid putting in your wastewater disposal system.
  • DIY videos: Keep these videos centered around plumbing fundamental principles that you think potential clients would like to know, how to switch off water in case of a leakage.
  • Share plumbing industry posts:  Keep your followers engaged with plumbing industry current affairs.
  • Exclusive Incentives or deals: Reward your followers for their support with things such as incentives, special deals, or competition.


Social media networks are all about connection

Your social media posts should also entertain your followers and showcase your plumbing company’s personality. Social media networks are all about connection, so building conversations and creating an engaged following is vital to success. Here are a few ways to achieve this:

  • Showcase your work: Posting your current or already finished projects gives your clients a visual insight into the nature of your workmanship.
  • Plumbing-related facts: Keep your followers engaged with some interesting facts. For instance, did you know that Albert Einstein said he wanted to become a plumber at some point in his life?
  • Encourage Reviews: Positive online reviews are an important currency in plumbing social media marketing and gives you another opportunity to interact with clients.


Social Media Promotion

Promotional social media posts are an effective way to publish photos of your business or work, post client testimonials, and announce your current specials and sales.

Always incorporate a call to action to give your clients a way to contact your plumbing business.

This CTA could be your plumbing website link, an invitation to obtain a special offer, sign up for your mailing list, or a click to call button.

4. Spotlight Your Customers and Employees

Share a photo of one of your crew

Social media posts are an efficient way to show that you appreciate your clients and employees and showcase the human side of your plumbing business.

Share a photo of one of your crew, perhaps on their work anniversary or birthday, tell your readers about them and appreciate them for their diligent hard work.

If you have that one client that has been loyal to your plumbing business over time, an appreciation note thanking them for their continued support can go a long way. Remember that you have to get that client’s permission before you post their photo.

5. Post Quality Content Consistently

Content concept on a laptop screen

Large plumbing corporations spend thousands if not millions of dollars annually tracking how and when they should post on social media profiles.

As a mid-sized or small plumbing business, you don’t have that kind of advertising budget. And that’s why you need to focus more on quality and consistency.

Sharing one interesting and quality post is preferable than barraging your follower’s tons of mediocre ones. Think about what works best for your plumbing business, develop a plan and stick to it.

6. Consider Investing in Paid Advertising

Pay Per Click

Plumbing social media marketing is the practice of using paid ads to help you reach more followers by strategically targeting particular groups of homeowners more effectively.

Although publishing content on social media platforms is free, they also offer an option for paid search ads, boosted posts otherwise known as Pay-Per-Click advertisements.

7. Be Social

Like and share posts by other users

The most crucial way for your plumbing company to have success in social media marketing is to be social.

Like and share posts by other users and create content that will engage clients and begin a conversation.

Take heed to online messages and respond to any question your followers might ask.

Join online groups such as industry groups or community groups and contribute ideas to their conversation. This will provide value and position you as an expert in your community.

By remaining social, your plumbing business will obtain the most out of your social media profiles.   Whether you are sharing pictures on Instagram, DIY videos on YouTube, or going live on Facebook, stay social.

8. Monitor and Track Your Results

Data analysis

Like other plumbing marketing strategies, a social media advertising strategy is trial-and-error. You won’t understand if what you are doing is working unless you monitor the results. Utilize the built-in analytic tools to assess the success of your strategy.

Determine the number of followers on every platform, along with the number of shares your content gets. Monitor the click rate on content and determine the amount of revenue it generates.

Frequently Asked Questions on Plumbing Social Media Marketing

Questions and Answers

What is the best way to advertise your plumbing services company?

The best channels to advertise your plumbing business include; your plumbing website, Google local service ads, social media marketing, email marketing, online reputation management, and search engine optimization.

How can I get clients for my plumbing business?

Here are our best tips to begin some marketing in ways they have never thought of before including but not restricted to; fostering online reviews, customer referral programs, and getting involved in the local community activities.

What are the best strategies for plumbing social media marketing?

If you want to develop a successful social media strategy for your plumbing business, pay attention to the following:

  •  Set clear goals that make sense for your plumbing business
  • Take time to identify your ideal target client
  • Establish your KPIs and metrics
  • Create engaging social media marketing content
  • Make your social media presence as timely as possible.

Want to Start Using Social Media Marketing for Your Plumbing Business?

Many plumbers obtain referrals through word of mouth and other social media networks. It makes sense, to use social media channels to generate more new leads. Get involved in social sites to increase your online visibility, reach new potential clients and showcase your experience.

While anyone can create a social media profile and begin posting, working with a professional plumbing social media agency can assist you to get maximum benefits out of your social media presence.

Businessman holding clipboard with WHY CHOOSE US? question

When you partner with a social media agency like Blackstorm Design + Marketing, you will obtain a professional social media audit, high-quality web copy, custom strategy, and in-depth reporting on your results.

Working with a social media agency helps you achieve your goals without the time investment required to understand the ins and outs of social media management and manage the campaigns on your own.

Our experienced social media marketers understand how to advertise your plumbing services on social media in a way that generates desired results.

For more information about our social media plans for plumbers, schedule a free discovery call with Blackstorm Design + Marketing to see how our experts can improve your online performance today.

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