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Signify introduces LumXpert App – Professional Electrician

Signify introduces LumXpert AppSignify introduces LumXpert App

Signify has launched LumXpert, an App that encompasses all functionalities and tools for electricians in their daily work.

The App has been created by and for installers, who can purchase Philips products, with the option of purchasing through a credit account, as well as contact customer service experts directly when needed, and streamline their day-to-day work by managing projects and conducting lighting calculations, among many other benefits. The App has been launched with an introductory offer of a 15% discount on the first purchase made through the App.

Nico van der Merwe, Market Leader at Signify UKI, said: “Today, 96% of installers1 seek information online, juggling search engines and manufacturer and wholesaler websites. Signify LumXpert allows them to work more efficiently, providing them with the products and information they need, along with specialized tools and support to help them take their business and customer experience to the next level.”

Signify LumXpert, in collaboration with the wholesale sector, brings them together with installers to meet the growing demand for intuitive self-service solutions.

The App offers installers instant quotes from multiple wholesalers, based on project and product details, with a simplified purchasing process directly within the App. This enables users to buy from associated wholesalers with transparent information on prices and availability. Additionally, installers will have access to various financing options.

Designed to simplify and speed up lighting calculations, it comes with easy product filtering and a powerful search engine. This agility in calculations and project management aids in professionalization and adds value to customers, as they are easily exportable for sharing. Furthermore, professionals will be able to track all orders made through the App and contact customer service via WhatsApp, email, and the FAQ and tutorial section.

From Signify, along with the wholesale sector, LumXpert arrives with installers’ needs in mind to assist them in their daily work and contribute to the digitalization of the lighting industry.

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