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Great News: Your Website Can Now Rank # 1 On Google Within 90 Days Or Less And Convert Like Crazy!

Our weird, unique, and effective way to rank #1 on Google in the ever-competitive home service is contracting markets for the frequently searched keywords Guaranteed!

Dear Home Service Contractor,

Do you want to rank your home service company #1 on Google and bring a steady stream of qualified leads?

(Of course, you do)

Then we will reveal all the secrets of how your business can reach the top of Google search results without getting penalized!

You’ve probably heard about SEO but don’t know how it can help your business.

As property owners become more digitally inclined, getting found on search engine results is becoming more crucial.

Here is why:

Ranking in the top spot on Google can make or break your home service business.

Research shows that prospects looking for your services online won’t surpass the first four or five listings on the Search Engine Result Page.

But SEO is outdated, right?

Some marketers argue that SEO died long ago, together with Panda and Penguin, right?

Common Myths Revealed About SEO 

You only need to create a Facebook and Instagram page to promote or market your business online. While that might be true to some degree,

The truth is the #1 highest-converting.

Most profitable, qualified online leads come from organic (free) search listings.

And if your website doesn’t appear when potential clients search for your services online, they may even conclude that you don’t exist.

So, if you have put all your marketing dollars in paid advertisement (Facebook /Google Ads) basket,

Then these shocking statistics will make you go nuts:



On the flip side, the cost per click on Google Ads has tripped in 4 years. And it is not Google alone.

The average Cost per Click (CPC) on Facebook ads has increased by more than 170% in the last year.

And it is expected that the price for paid ads will continue to increase in the coming years.

Since the market cost, your business on these platforms is becoming unbearable.

What Next? 

Have you worked with SEO companies that promised great results within a few weeks, only to find your website buried on Google’s fourth or fifth page?

They were overpromised but delivered shitty results.

Or even if (by some magic) they were able to rank your business #1 on Google

 It was for an irrelevant keyword phrase that brought little to no traffic

Like “Right-handed contractors in Murfreesboro, TN.”

That was one of the black hat hacks these fly-by-night SEO amateurs use to rip you off your hard-earned dollars!

 You see,

 Apply for a $1000 free strategy session with one of the Growth Coaches today. 

Sad stories contractors tell us when they come to us:

“We have created quality content, but property owners can’t find it online.”

 “I don’t even understand what the SEO agency is for since I can’t find my site when I conduct a simple Google search.”

“Our website is near the first page of Google search results.”

Most SEO Agencies Fail To Get It Right All The Time

They focus on driving insane traffic, pixie glitter, boosting rankings, and not income/revenue.

Don’t get us wrong; these metrics are equally important.

But the truth is: that rankings and traffic alone won’t pay your bills.

You can take the traffic and rankings to the bank or use them to pay your staff salaries, office rent, or raw materials.

And strange enough, they can’t help you buy a new sports car for your wife

So, in the end, the only thing that matters is the profits and revenues you obtain from those rankings or traffic.

Not rankings or insane traffic that so-called SEO geeks promise you!

This is the harsh reality.

It is like the ancient tribal language that most people have forgotten over time.

Particularly the so-called contractor SEO agencies.

Such agencies are more concerned with ripping you off your advertising dollars than claiming they want to build long-term relationships.


You may be thinking.

SEO is neither a tactic that will generate overnight success nor a system to trick Google into awarding higher search rankings, and it needs diligent work, focus, and maintenance.

How To Rank #1 On Google, Crush The Competition, And Boost Your Sales Beyond Imagination 

So we understand that you have tried SEO, either on your own or hired an agency.

We know that you’ve been promised insane traffic, top spot rankings on Google, and countless new clients.

And we understand some agencies have skinned you alive.

So instead of focusing our energy and time explaining why we are different.

From these antics that left your business with more excuses than solutions.

Unlike the so-called “SEO gimmicks or experts,” we have decided to risk our $1000 savings to show you what sets us apart in the market.

That’s right, we are the only service contractor SEO agency crazy (or confident) enough to generate results, or we work for free.

Secondly, we are not a fly-by-night SEO Company that began a few months ago.

We have been in the home service marketing game for more than ten years, and that’s like twenty thousand years online.

Besides, we have been ranked as the #1 fastest growing SEO agency for home service contractors in the US for consecutive years.

But most importantly, hundreds if not thousands of customers have ranked #1 on Google and as experts in their respective trades, from roofing, and plumbing to HVAC, amongst others.

Guaranteed #1 Google Rankings With The First Three Months, Or Don’t Pay For Our SEO Services

Yes, you got that right.

At Blackstorm, we can’t sit back and watch your business lose clients to the competition.  

We have opened doors to accepting new clients with our $1000 free strategy session.

If you are reading this, it implies that we have a few slots available.

So click the link below to grab your spot.


Frequently Asked Questions 

What is SEO, and why is it crucial for your home service business?        

SEO is the process of creating code and web content that ranks on top of the search engines like Bing or Google. It is an incredible tool to help prospects find your business when looking for online services.

 If your business doesn’t rank on the first page of Google for search terms related to your industry, then you are losing tons of leads, clients, and revenue to your competitors- guaranteed! Regardless of the kind of home service business you want to grow, SEO should be part of your internet marketing strategy to boost your revenue.

What is included in your SEO services package?

SEO services for home service contractors from Blackstorm Design+ Marketing incorporate the following:

  • An aggressive competitor analysis: This is where our professionals will analyze how your site ranks against the competition, including new keywords and SEO strategies that aren’t working, and build a custom SEO strategy to drive relevant traffic to your home service business’s website.


  • On-page Content and off-page optimization:  We employ white hat strategies to make your site easily found by Google and accessible to prospects online.


  • Local Search Engine Optimization: Drive massive traffic to your website and increase your brand’s online visibility with local SEO.


  • Monthly Reporting: Meet your Blackstorm account manager monthly to evaluate your SEO performance and analyze new growth opportunities.


  • Continuous Tweaking and Tracking:  Our mantra is always “create, test, tweak, repeat.” We will not rest until your calendar is fully booked with service appointments.

How long does it take to rank a website #1 on Google? 

This is where most SEO geeks will say, “we cannot guarantee results and that it depends on the level of competition and your budget,” But not us. We don’t want to leave our clients guessing.

If you hire us, you can generally expect to see results for competitive keywords within 90 days, or don’t pay us.

What Makes Blackstorm Design +Marketing the Best choice for home service company SEO agency?

We are not only experienced but certified in the services we offer.

We have helped countless service contractors like you dominate local search listings and make more money.

We are fantastic (see above).

We understand our stuff.

Do you outsource your SEO project to freelancers?

At Blackstorm, we don’t outsource our SEO tasks. We have a team of experienced SEO professionals with many years of home service marketing experience.

Does SEO Work?

Any business owner who says “SEO is dead” or “SEO doesn’t work” is simply one who has wasted his hard-earned dollars by working with an expert/agency that doesn’t understand their shit.

We come across these scenarios all the time:

A home service contractor approaches us after getting ripped off by cookie-cutter SEO agencies.

The contractor signs up for a month-on-month contract and does not know that they are the ones getting rolled. Since the expert (only logs into WordPress and updates a Meta title or description) takes their dollars for several months, generates shitty results, and walks away scoff free after the contractor realizes their shit.

At Blackstorm Design + Marketing, we work with roofers, plumbers, and electricians with national, global, and local SEO. We have ranked our customers for the most profitable keywords in their niche time and time again. Our in-house SEO professionals have decades of experience ranking contractor websites on the first page of Google or Bing. If you don’t believe our word for it, check out our testimonials on our website.

How Much Does Home Service SEO cost?

The cost you are going to pay for the home service search engine optimization services will vary based on various factors, including:

  • The quality of your current website and the amount of work required to optimize it
  • The difficulty of specific keywords being targeted
  • Where your business is situated
  • How long do you need our services

Be wary of cookie-cutter SEO professionals that have a set price list. This is a major red flag because it shows that they have one-fits-all solutions, which may not work in your business.


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