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Roof tiles are one of the most popularly used roofing materials, and they have been used worldwide in many ways for hundreds of years. Over time, production procedures and materials have slowly been reduced as we evolved, leaving the most effective method in use today.

In recent times, newer materials have been tried and tested in the tile manufacturing industry, each with varying looks and functionality. Most homeowners are unaware of the many benefits and feature their choice of tile-based roof offers; they usually select based on the material and appearance.

Below are some of the most popularly used roofing tile materials and what they offer.


This is one of the oldest materials used in roofing. History shows that this roofing material has been used in China as far back as 10,000BC. All through Asia and Europe, Ancient Rome, to be exact.

One of this material’s perks is its incredible and high resistance to impact, harsh weather conditions, and other elements. Their longevity has retained their popularity amongst homeowners to this day.


Concrete roof tiles originated in Germany in the 2800s. Their popularity spread across Europe and the world until they became one of the most widely sought-after roofing materials. Concrete offers a higher level of resistance to impact than clay. The life expectancy of concrete tiles varies between 30 and 50 years, depending on the installation method and manufacturers.


Slate roof tiles have an iconic appearance that has given them a high level of status. Roof slates are seen on some of the grandest structures in England, including homes and cathedrals. Slate roofing tiles win first if you’re seeking the best roofing option.

Although more costly than clay and concrete, homeowners with slate would tell you that it’s worth more than the price tag.

This roofing material has fantastic durability and a lifespan that supersedes concrete. Its natural resistance to elements adds to its sustainability.

Selecting the right tiles for your roof might be a stressful task considering the abundance of materials you need to choose from, all with their unique features and perks.

Whether it is the traditional clay that offers much durability and plenty of aesthetic variety, the hard-wearing concrete option, or the elite slate tiles, the choice is yours.

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