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Re-roofing Vs Roof Replacement, What is Right for Me?

As the owner of your house, only you know best when it comes to your roof. After all, you’re the one who lived under it for many years. You should also know that a roof is the biggest investment you can make in the entire time you’ve lived in your house. And if you do it right, then it will also yield the biggest return on your investments. Therefore, when your roof needs fixing or even a replacement, it’s best to get on it ASAP. 

If your roof has had several past problems, you might ask yourself this question: Should I re-roof or completely replace my roof? Both options have their own set of pros and cons. And in this guide, we’ll give you enough information to help you decide on your roof replacement


What does Re-Roofing Include? 


If you want a quick and cheapest way to restore your roof’s appearance, you should consider the re-roofing option! 

When it comes to re-roofing, you have to place a new shingle over your worn shingles. This restores the overall look and aesthetic of the roof. It also provides a protective layer on your roof to prevent any leaks or damage caused by violent weather conditions. 

There are specific rules that you need to follow when it comes to re-roofing. If you have a single layer of shingles, then re-roofing is possible for you. However, if your roof has two layers of shingles installed, you are prohibited by building laws and regulations to install a third layer. If your roof has two layers, then you should consider the full roof replacement.  


Advantages of Re-Roofing:      


  • It doesn’t require labor, materials, or extensive time.   
  • It is the cheaper option in restoring your roof. 
  • It only puts another layer of shingles over your existing one.


Disadvantages of Re-Roofing: 


  • You cannot add a third layer if you already have two layers of shingles. 
  • It may not last as long as a full roof replacement. 
  • You cannot re-roof if you have metal roofing
  • You cannot thoroughly inspect the damages under the current shingles. 


What does roof replacement include?  


Roof replacement includes completely stripping off the old shingles and exposing the deck. Once these old shingles have been ripped off, you can see any underlying damages and have them fixed. Afterward, you should apply an underlayment or felt paper on the deck to serve as a protection against water and other elements. Then you can finally install the new shingles. Completely replacing your roof will help it last 20 years or more.   


Advantages of Replacing the Roof 


  • The roof will last longer. 
  • You can address all issues and problems with your roof. 
  • You can save more money in the long run. 
  • You can replace the roof without the need to consider how many layers of shingles you already have. 


Disadvantages of Replacing the Roof   


  • Replacing the roof requires more labor, more time, and more materials. 
  • It’s a more expensive option. 


What should your decision be? 


Since you already know the pros and cons of the two options in restoring your roof, then you should be able to come to terms with your own decision. You can even talk to a contractor to fully discuss your choices. But if you still need convincing, then here are a few useful tips for you  to take note of: 

  • If your roof displays minor issues or leaks, but it’s still in good shape, you should consider re-roofing. 
  • If you only have a single layer of asphalt shingles on your roof, then you can re-roof. 
  • If your deck shows signs of major water damage, mold growth, or large amounts of mildew, you should do a complete roof overhaul.  

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