RBI Torus Watertube Boiler Line

RBI has expanded the Torus line of watertube boilers and water heaters to include smaller sizes from 300 – 1000 MBH. The full line is now available in sizes ranging from 300 – 4000 MBH making this unit ideal for a wider array of applications. Torus continues the RBI tradition of high quality and performance in a user-friendly design incorporating all industry-proven components including HeatNet 3.0 digital touchscreen control and our Tru-Flow fuel/air coupling system, making it the perfect solution for all types of installations. Torus utilizes a pressure-driven air/fuel mixing system to reliably provide up to10:1 turndown without the negative effects often seen in other high turn-down systems. This unique pressure-driven system has no moving parts and eliminates common nuisance failures including ignition lockouts.


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