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Pros And Cons: Stump Removal Vs. Stump Grinding

There are many reasons you’d need to remove a tree stump from your garden. Some possible reasons could be to make your backyard more appealing to the eye or to keep it from causing harm to you and your family. Here are more reasons why you should:

To Stop It From Depriving Other Plants Of Nutrients

Leaving a stump increases the chances of small trees growing from it. These offshoots would keep taking in all the nutrients from the soil, preventing other plants nearby from getting them. This could cause them to wither and die.

Prevent Pest Infestation

Decayed stumps can attract pests like termites, which will likely damage other plants and any wooden structure in your home. Tree stumps can also become a breeding place for diseases and fungi, harming your whole garden.


Stumps are a safety hazard and cause injuries if left unattended.

That being said, the biggest challenge one would face is determining how to remove the stump. There are two techniques popular amongst homeowners, and they have different methods.

Stump Grinding

This technique doesn’t require much physical effort; it can be completed relatively quickly. This technique is the process of taking out the stump of a tree using a grinder. This wood chipper grinds the stump to a pulp, leaving residual roots to decay over time.


  • Relatively cheap
  • Quicker
  • Less strenuous
  • More environmentally friendly
  • No large holes to fill
  • It’s possible to replant in the same area


  • Decaying root
  • Eventual sprouts
  • It might be harmful to children

Stump Removal

This method is much more difficult because it involves removing a stump alongside the root using an earth mover.


  • Easy to replant in the same area
  • Total removal of stump and roots
  • No decaying roots


  • Cost
  • Large hole after removal
  • Less environmentally friendly
  • Time-taking complicated process

You are of the pros and cons of each stump removal technique and can make an informed decision based on your time, budget, and other factors you might want to consider. Grinding is the best option if you’re looking at less cost and are not thinking about replanting. But if you would replant or the roots are causing a disturbance, consider the removal technique.

Remember that it is important to hire a professional company to advise further and perform the needed.

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