Pros And Cons Of A Flat Roof

Are you in the middle of a construction project and having difficulty deciding what type would be best for your building? One of the most preferred roofing options amongst homeowners is flat roofs. But before you go on, you should understand why you would have a flat roof or wouldn’t. In this article, we’d be discussing the pros and cons of flat roofs so you can be well-informed before you make a decision.

Advantages Of Flat Roofs


  • Less Expensive Than Pitched Roofs

If you are big on utilizing cost-effective products, flat roofing systems tick the box. So, opt for a flat roof if you want to save more money upfront.

Deciding what the flat roof should be used for is in your court. As a homeowner, you can choose what you please with the space on your roof. Here are some ideas you should consider:

Asides from the fact that they are an appealing feature, they have a lot of other benefits, such as reduced stormwater runoff.

Have you wanted a home office room? Well, a flat roof can give just the home office of your dreams when planned and designed properly.

Flat roofs are easy to install. Because they have a simple structure, they need very few materials and equipment.

Disadvantages Of Flat Roofs


With a flat roof, you’d need to pay more attention to your roofing system because of potential drainage issues. Pitch roofs drain water with no hitch, unlike flat roofs; there’s always a puddle following a few days of rain if the roof was poorly installed or designed.

If you’re big on your roof’s style or aesthetics, you might have better options. Flat roofs don’t usually come in various colors; they typically come in black, white, or grey.

  • Higher Chance Of Early Replacement

Sloped roofs have a life span of about 20 years or more if well taken care of, whereas flat roofs need to be replaced every ten years. This is the most common reason why most homeowners switch to sloped roofs.

It’s up to you

Every homeowner has a vision for their dream home. Sometimes, that might include a flat roof. You should know that a flat roof needs more attention and would perform better in warmer climates. You can have an efficient, beautiful roof with the right roofing contractor.

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